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    How your education helped you in your career and life

    In job interview they ask "How your education is helpful in this job".
    Many of us would have passed the stage of getting a job and would have reached different stages of career and life. Hence the title question.

    Frankly, I don't have regrets about my education and remain that, it is only my education that helped me in life till now. I always believed that "Education is capital to the poor and interest to the rich". My education was my capital. My science education in college helped me get a job in a scientific institution. My learning was fully useful in that job and got additional practical knowledge in the same subjects and related subjects. I learned different languages from my colleagues.

    It was again my education that helped me change job and join one with better remuneration.
    My formal and informal education and self-learning helped me not just in earning my bread, but expand my social contacts, social acceptance, services, and even in helping others. As education is from womb to tome, my education is still continuing, bringing in non-material benefits and spiritual learning.
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    Applying what we studied in school or College when we are doing a job is very important. If we do not apply and we have just read to pass the examinations is no use as the present education in India is like this.
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    My qualification only gave me a chance to have a better career. Starting from the Job 1 did to the job 4 I did, my education only helped in maintaining full control on the job I did. In the first Organisation I worked, I got the name as the best to see that process will run smoothly. This I managed because of education and especially my Chemistry knowledge.
    Then I shifted to the second job, they gave me the job because of qualification but not because of qualification. They gave me utmost importance in establishing process there and I could achieve the desired results.
    Then the 2 and 3 jobs considered my education as well as my experience. Many times I tell my wife that If I have no PhD, we might have a different life.
    My science qualification helped me in getting special problems to be solved which made to get special recognition. I am always thankful to my parents and my Guruji who helped me in getting this education.

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    For some people it helps to a great degree as they have to make a career in their core area and the education and degrees which they had acquired is very much of their use in the coming future when they join a job or make a career anywhere. But for those who have moved to entirely new domains not connected with what they read and learned in the colleges or university, that might be of not much relevance. At the same time we cannot ignore their education as getting education is not only to learn subject but in that process a person becomes cultured, well behaved and matured and I think that is the biggest thing that education provides to us.
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    For many people including me the qualification is different and what the job we got is entirely different. That means many are under employed, not getting the right job commensurate with the qualification but having the stiff competition and reason to be alive with the family we do accept such jobs and pull on the life. And many are qualified with the same degree or post graduation and it is difficult for all to get the right job. Nevertheless no government has gone through this problem being faced by many and they think that they have created job opportunities and many are working with satisfaction.
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    For me, education did not help to develop my career in life. Of course, I had the basic education ABCD that helped me to get a job. But it is the determination and will power that helped me to develop my career in my life. I did not learn good English from school. I was not good at English. I learned English by listening to others. I did not attend any interview to answer "What's your good name? etc. I developed on my own and lead a successful life on earth. Now I am relaxing at home peacefully with my pension without tension.
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    According to a great poet " Education is a wing through which we can get the heaven. " As we all know that education differs between two persons,same was with me. Education had tell me where is Rajasthan and where is India. I mean education has introduced me with anything. No one can know the world without education it may be informal education which includes the learning by culture and family members or it may be our formal education which we get by our teachers. I am a student of B.Sc.-B.Ed. ,till know I have studied science,mathematics,arts,literature as well as some other things. I am a poem writer also (At initial stage I wouldn't like to address my self as a poet).
    With out formal education my knowledge might be one third of current knowledge.

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    My education helped quite a lot in understanding the procedures and the chemical reaction involved in getting the ultimate results such as chromium, manganese, silicon, iron etc since I was attached to chemical wing in Research and Control Laboratory. It involved the chemical analysis to know the percentage of each constitution. Prior to allotment of a particular section, we have had the Oppurtunity of a separate meeting of GM and he had to finalise the selection process of the aspirants.
    I had the special fascination for chemistry in my graduation level and this subject in the later part of my career helped me to understand chemical kinetics, rate of combustion, osmosis etc and finally I persued the studies of Metallurgical Engineering with my personal effort and later acquired the degree of Metallurgical Engineering by passing both the sections of AMIE.
    Hence my journey from one section to other was quite interesting with the ample opportunities of meeting efficient technical people providing me essential tools to forge ahead.

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    We can say that education is the stepping stone in one's life. To get into any good job or post, the basic screening is your education. If you have the education that they have described, then only you are called for the interview or else, your application gets rejected. Once you have gained knowledge and experience in the field, your education takes the next seat and your experience is given a little higher rank.

    We have many who have used their education just to get into good company or get good package but are doing jobs that are not at-all related to what they have studied. Engineers doing banking jobs, commerce doing marketing, arts doing logistic, graduates driving buses or taxis, etc. So we cannot fully say that everytime, education is needed. Look at the politicians, they may lag education but are holding the top most post and giving commands or instructions to PhD's, graduates, scientists, doctors and holding education, finance, agriculture, electricity, telecommunication, defense minister post, etc.

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    My initial job was in the teaching line where I used to teach my core subject to the students of class XI and XII. Later I joined an Oil and Gas organisation where I was posted in a technical work and that was also in the field conditions so I used my subjects only to learn so many new things as well as to work using my core subject that I had in my post graduation. So, for me my education was connected in one to one way with my job and even after my retirement I am attached with some technical sites where I am contributing the contents related to my core area only. Incidentally I had read much of non academic books during my student life and that has helped me to understand many other subjects which I had not learned during my education in schools and colleges. This voracious reading enabled me to contribute content in any field in any site in internet which allows its members to contribute under various schemes just like that or with certain renumeration. So, I can firmly say that my education has immensely helped me in shaping my career.
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    My job was related to my core subjects hence I did not face problems but had to learn the practical essence of life from a student carrying the book to a personality managing money.
    Since my parents had thought me to save and spend less, this attitude took me forward also was helpful in time of crisis.
    I learnt social behaviour in the practical life. My speaking styles was good from the beginning as I could speak a few south Indian languages-this gave me a lead rather than education. From my childhood days my father was specifically informing me to learn these languages. He was never looking into my scores but was worried if I had missed one day's attendance. These mentoring thoughts took to new walks of life and was useful along with my education.

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    In my case, I can say, my education helped me in each and every step, from getting admission in new course to get into a job. In my 10-12 years of experience post PhD, I have done post doc and worked in diverse fields including teaching, IPR and environment. Without M.Sc. I could not get admission in PhD. Due to my PhD degree, I received post doctoral award from UGC. And again Now I am working in a reputed consultancy as an Ecology and Biodiversity Expert which is my main subject since my M.Sc, PhD and Post Doc. I also qualified so many competitions like PCS (pre), B.Ed, CTET etc. I also done B.ED due to which I get selected two times in state level teaching competitions, but due to my interest in ecology and environment, I did not joined there. So education helped me a lot in my carrier and where I am right now is only due to my education and learning.

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