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    Hi all, If I again starts posting in ISC how could I earn and shares Ad Sense revenue

    Hi all,

    This is Ramprasad, once active member of IndiaStudyChannel platform, took break from here for some unavoidable reasons. Now I am thinking to start again here, so wants to clarify few doubts regarding Ad Sense revenue sharing. Earlier I was awarded with five years of revenue sharing of my posts from the date of its submission in ISC. Now I wants to know still I am eligible for the same period of revenue sharing or not and wants to know still we can earn Ad Sense revenue for posting all sections of ISC including Forums or not..Hope Tony Sir will clarify my queries ..Thank you
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    Hi Ramprasad,
    You are our good old member who was very active at ISC. Nice to see you back at ISC. You could have peeped into ISC from time to time to show your presence. Is it so difficult to log in to ISC for a few minutes and post a response to some thread? Are you that busy on this earth? Anyway, we welcome you back and wish you all the best. God bless Ramprasad. I think your Adsense account may be invalid now.

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    Hi Ramprasad, you are good active old member of ISC . At that time you are very active in Article section, forum and other sections too. A big welcome to you to participate and to be active once again in all sections of ISC . I think if your AdSense number which you got in blogs which is active can be used here. You may find certain major changes in ISC as an educational portal only can be notified from here:-

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    Hi Ramprasad, it is nice to see you again in ISC.
    Youwere a moderate and balanced forumite and a SuperStar in Resources(Article ) section.
    Once again welcoming you back.

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    Welcome back to your own place. If you have an Adsense account number then you can again link it here.
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    Welcome back Ramprasad! You are one of the oldest members of this site and have been active until about a year back. Whatever be the reasons for your temporary absence, we are glad that you have finally decided to reactivate your contributions to ISC. As an experienced member, I doubt whether you should be worried about earnings and AdSense revenue share and all that at this juncture. I suggest you simply start posting contents, concentrating on the forum as you move in the first gear, and in the meanwhile go through the red pinned threads and other help topics, including articles, to know about the changes that have come through here. As you very well know, your earnings, if any, is safe with ISC. All the best and hope to see you dominating the scene soon!
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    Welcome back Ram Prasad. I know you were the active member and you have the right to continue the same. As you are away from the site since many months, first get acquainted with this forum and keep on posting threads and responses. Slowly read all the new rules formulated in the recent past and get to know where you stand and accordingly take action. But as a old member you are eligible to continue the adsense earnings but again a clarification from the webmaster would be more important. Rest all ok and be active in participating the on going contests mentioned in the first page.
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    Welcome back Ram Prasad Ji sir.Though I am new member of ISC who had completed successfully 6.5 months. But I can realize your activeness by the above described grandeur welcome by all the superstars of India Study Channel family. It is great pleasure to for this platform that ISC has joined with it's member again.
    Your most welcome by the heart again. All the best for bright future.

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    Thank you all for the grand welcome ...Will try to be active in all my favorite sections of ISC..
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