A point regarding repeated topics for strict compliance

It is observed that despite direct and indirect indications and personal and general intimation, the tendency to repeat topics (even by the same author), more often back to back, on the forum is on the rise and has now reached a point calling for some serious intervention. So, with the aim of bringing in more variety and to discourage threads repeating topics, subjects or contents, it has been decided to strictly moderate such threads depending on the degree of similarity between threads.

To cite an example, suppose a thread has been posted on the benefits of being positive, any thread that would convey the same message will not be entertained. If the second or third thread is dealing with being positive but approaches the topic from a different angle and is not relating the same to success, we may allow the thread but with lesser points. Threads that are inspired by other threads or responses may also be put under the scanner. There are many such instances which fall under the limit that has been prescribed here and we understand that our members, at least the experienced ones, are aware of such passive restrictions.

In view of the above, members are requested to keep a track of the threads, particularly those that are posted recently and make an effort not to repeat the subject from the same angle and passing the same message. Don't restrict yourself to just the first page of the forum index; go to the back pages too because even a thread that has been posted on the same date may shift to the second or third page due to the number of threads or responses that are posted on that date.

Let our efforts be to bring in new topics, subjects and ideas or to look at already discussed topics from a different angle and develop them as a fresh idea giving it a unique touch. Repeated topics and contents will make the platform appear dull and uninteresting. Our aim is to maintain the vibrancy; let us strive for that.

Members are requested to kindly note this point for responsible compliance, please.