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    Have you achieved? Are you successful?

    While we were young, our elders used to ask - What you want to be in your life? Many would have said that they wanted to be a doctor or engineer or something. No one would have told 'I don't know"

    Now let us know - What was your response then? Did you become a doctor or engineer or whatever you wanted to be? Did you meet your goal set in your life?

    I wanted to be an Engineer. But destiny made me fight.

    Let your response be interesting to read.
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    When I was in my school, I used to go sometimes with my father to his office. There I used to see his MD. Everybody used to respect him and do whatever he asks. All the employees used to behave very politely with him. My father told me that he is the director of that company and his word is final there. From that time onwards I used to think that I should become a director of a company. After my education, I have not preferred teaching line and I have not accepted offers in that line. I joined as a Manager in a company and after putting in a service of about 22 years I became the director ( Production) of a company. I feel happy and I achieved my goal set in my school days.
    I thank God for making my dream come real and I will be thankful to him forever for the same.

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    For me my aim was to become a airmen in Indian Air Force and for which I almost made into the selection but could not qualify the medical test which specified that while folding our palm the sweat should not appear if we open the palm. Even little trace of wetness not allowed. That was the end of my dream and never pursued further. After that what I studied as M Com but never got the job commensurate with my qualification. Many a times I felt that the organisations failed to recognize the right candidate through their strict selection process which does not warrant at all. All the happenings were taken as the fate.
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    I have mentioned about my aim,wish and what I became in some other earlier contexts also.
    I wanted to be a Scientist. I wanted to study Engineering too. But by the time I passed Pre-Degree(present plus two) I decided that my priority is to earn and help my father and the family. As Engineering needed four years and the fate after that was uncertain(those were days of unemployment), I consciously chose B.Sc.
    I was also applying for the Public service commission tests and fo other jobs with my SSLC and/or Pre-degree qualification . Very soon after I completed my degree course, I had in my hand a couple of job appointments. Fate and God were kind and I joined a scientific job in a premium research institution.

    As I kept my goals and dreams to a realistic level, I can say that I am successful. Till now I could perfom the duties and responsibilities expected of me in a family. By God's grace I am now able to live normlly within my means. I pray God give me the same health, happiness,peace and capacity to do what more I am supposed to do . and be with me to do those.

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    A thread discussing the same point is active here.
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