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    Don't buy a diary and waste your money

    I would say that it is a wastage of money to buy a diary and use it. For any reference, you need to turn the pages to find an event to search for. To be economical and for better usage and reference in the future, it is ideal to buy a 160-pages ruled Exercise notebook and use it as a diary. It would cost only Rs. 50/-. This would be economical, save space, and easy for future reference. It is not a miserly act, but a thing that is very useful to us.

    Many of us use costly diaries as scribbling pads. It is utter wastage of money on papers.

    I use a 165-page exercise book for two years. That's my diary I preserve. It will contain important events in life. There won't be any space for scribbling. Is there anyone following me? Please post your views and comments.
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    True. Earlier days many companies used to print diaries and distribute the same to its customers. But now they changed the trend. They are giving a ruled book with a spiral binding and nor dates on the pages. On the top cover, the company name will be there. You can use the book for long and the company also can distribute the same book next year also if excess stock is there.
    Earlier days all employees used to carry a diary in their hand. They used to make notes in that and make the engagements marked in the same so that they can attend the same without fail. These days all will have an iPad or a smartphone or a tablet in which they can make their notes all other information also they can keep there.
    There is no necessity of diary these days. Some people keep a small spiral pocketbook in their pocket and use it for noting down the important points.

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    Very valuable suggestion from the author and it is worth implementing. We never thought that the writings in diary have to be preserved and not the looks of the diary. We have been yearning for a diary by the end of the year to maintain the same for next year. But what the author said has wide meaning and worth implementing because a 200 page note book is enough to carry on the task of writing daily with half page dedicated to each date. Normally there would be 180 pages in a 200 page note book and if half the page is dedicated to the daily writings, it will cover 360 days and remaining four or five days can get adjusted for no activity or no actions on some days get adjusted.
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    We need not use half a page for a day. It will be a continuing process without leaving any space. If required, just leave one line after a day. My diary contains the following.
    Date.......... Day.........Place............Events. While the date, day and place will have small columns, the event will have a big column.
    On completion of a day, leave a line and start with a new line. Look at this.
    Date / Day/ Place / Event
    24.3.2011 / Sun / BGL / - Joined ISC. Contacted Mr. ABC. Attended Mr. X 's function

    25.3. 2011 / Mon / BGL/CHE - Left for Chennai by Brindavan Express. Stayed at Adyar rest house.

    26.3. 2011 Tue / CHE / - Visited Mr. Y. Lunch at Oberai Shelton. Night stay Palmtree Hotel
    Room No. 420.

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    Not all people have the habit of meticulously diarising. Many people keep diary for their office matters or 'to do' tasks . Many people have their own blogs to write about things they want to make public. After the coming of FB, their daily notes in FB itself serves as a sort of diary in public.

    But there are manywho write diary with a passion and mision. They would dothings in a nice way always.

    People buy a pre-printed diary not just for the need of blank pages. It is an attraction and a collector's passion to get one or more diary every new year. The reasons are the artwork, the printing, the easiness to open, write and refer,to note down any future reminder now itself.
    Diary is also used as a planner and review of our completed or patially completed tasks. Diary is also bought for the many additional useful information inthem.

    If one wants some blank pages to write down notes, then a notebook is sufficient. If one wants to reduce cost still further, they can pool all the blank pages from children's notes and sticth them to a notebook anduse it.
    But those who are meticulous in writing diay do not just wantto 'write something somehow", but in a nice way so that it can be a souvenir and memnto to themslves or about them.
    A blank school notebook cannot be given as a present to someoneas a compliment or honour. A diary is an advertisement and compliment.
    There are many DIY things . But to buy a 165 page note book for Rs50/- and converting it to a daily diary is just like a household grocery account or 'istry' account writing using space and page putting dates as and when needed, which is not expected to be preserved or given importance. It is just being pennywise but pound foolish.

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    I don't have the habit of writing diaries in my life time. But because of my profession I used to get at least 2-3 nice attractive diaries every year. Usually used them to write monthly accounts, phone numbers, addresses of new individuals or any notes related to my profession not according dates. So I am using the gifted diaries for these purposes. So I am fully utilizing them but not for the intended purpose. Some of these old diaries are preserved even till today.

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    Nice suggestion by the author. I have a thumb rule "Money saved is Money Earned" so this suggestion would fall in that category. As a student I only used small ruled notebooks for keeping notes of few important things like phone number and address, etc, but after coming in job, there were diaries, calendars & planners all the time. Even I could get it issued at anytime I wanted to from stationery stock.
    Although I use the same mostly for official work and never took any personal note in them but got 2 diaries that I used for personal purpose. But since it is dated and year wise it feels odd to take them out. It will be best that I use a new ruled register for my small notes which have now really reduced from a daily habit to fortnightly. Now many of my notes and numbers are stored in my mobile, so I seldom take notes.

    Technology has changed a lot of our old habits, like using a wrist watch, carrying a pocket transistor, a small calculator, and a small notebook for memo, sometimes sony walkman too. All these have vanished from my pocket as of now.

    Will take your suggestion seriously and will save on money and resources for sure.

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    Useful tips by author. In those days companies are giving diaries to its customers and friends. In turn the diaries circulated among the relatives and friends of the recipients. Nowadays the circulation of such way is getting vanished. No diaries and calendars are given by companies but some shops are giving calendars. Some of those who are getting diaries only had the writing habit and others just keep in the shelf or give to others. But the diary writing persons also can follow the suggestion given by the author as it costs less than a diary. But my wife used to note the daily expenses in the diary regularly when I was given diary by dealers.

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    A diary is mainly to record the events in our life. It becomes a reference book for the future. A diary helps to find out the past events when our memory goes weak. I have the habit of writing a diary for the last 20 years. Though I get printed diaries from my friends and relatives as a gift on the new year day, I don't use them. I use only a long 165-page notebook. A diary printed for a particular year cannot be used for the other years. It goes as a waste.

    I sincerely devote my time to write in my diary before I go to bed. It hardly takes a few minutes to write the events of that day. And the chart helps me to know what should I do next day.


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    We have stopped buying diaries since quite some time as they are costly as well as of not much utility to us. There might be people who have to note a large number of things date wise for future records then for them it might have some value especially the business people etc, but for our small work of noting some item or details once in a while it is not required. I prefer to keep a small school notebook or slip pad which is sufficient for my notings and jotting down of some important things and that also runs for a long time. The last slip pad, I am using is there for more than a year and about half of the pages are still available.
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    As I have a habit of purchasing what my daughter asks no matter how much cost it is. But a situation happened I resist purchasing a thing that is nothing but a diary. Once we went to a stationary shop and purchased a beautiful fancy bag(which is very costly) for her school for Saturdays(no bag day) she saw a Diary which costs around 650 rupees she look at the diary and wants that diary as I told that diary is so cost there is no use of it for her. Her face becomes pale and started crying when we went outside the stationary shop then her mother told she will buy a diary in another stationery shop which is nearby my house both of them went there and purchased a dairy similar look of dairy which she saw in the earlier stationary shop which costs 90 rupees she felt very happy later I gave that 90 rupees to my wife.
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    Well, diaries and notebooks are different. Those who want to use the diaries just as a notebook, the suggestion of the author is helpful but those who want to maintain a diary to note down the important events datewise for them using the notebook will be of little use. Think of each page of a diary. It contains the day, date and month and sometimes the year too. Now, suppose you want to refer to the events happened on 24.06.2015. In the case of a diary, you will have to take out your diary of the year 2015 and go to the month of June. There you will search the page that mentions the date 24. It will be quite easy than rummaging through the pages of a notebook to find the events on a particular day. That's the usefulness of a diary. Nowadays there are many gadgets available and we all are becoming habituated to maintain an online diary so those big and decorated diaries have become almost a passé.

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    The author has hinted a suggestion how a notebook containing 165 pages could be used in the form of diary. It is rather cost effective but may not be liked the kids because of absence of attractive getup. They cannot understand the mechanics of profit making of the traders. It should be the duty of the responsible parents to change their perspectives with a little persuasion. They may not not like your idea immediately but gradually they may come to your line.
    While computing the price of 165 paged notebook, it should not exceed Rs 90/- which has been indicated by the author. However, these kids will slowly pick up the profit mechanism of the traders. In the mean while, guardians can do their best to change their attitudes with constant persuals.

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    As you mentioned, it is not difficult. A notebook diary would be more helpful than a day diary to search either the day /date or the events. A notebook diary will also be serially dated with days. A page can be used for a week or more if we reduce the size of our writing.

    Generally, we search for the dates in which a particular event happened. We rarely search for events happened on a day. We may like to know what we did on 01 Jan or 26th Jan or 15th Aug or on our birthday or wedding day. That would be easy. But to know when our uncle married or aunt delivered or grandpa died etc, won't be easy to search. We need to search page by page which would be a herculean task. But a note-book diary will make it easy to search as we can have a week's events in one single page.

    Printers mint money by producing attractive pages and page covers. To make it attractive they add pages containing information. They keep repeating the STD code numbers, American and British sizes. Conversion tables etc. that can be seen from the previous year's diary.

    Take a notebook - Neatly draw the lines to mark the columns for Date/day/place/events. Never write the dates in advance as there could be more events on a particular day. Fill it before writing the events. In my diary, a page is used for a maximum of 10 days. A notebook is used for two years.

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    I use a note book which is in the form of a diary with thick binding. I just scribble for the notes and I don't like maintain a travel track as I don't travel regularly.
    I also look for old books of my children and use it for my thoughts to be expressed.

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    A diary should not be like an use and throw material. It is to be treated as a treasure and preserved. I would call it a History book of an individual. Let that not go as a scrap. It will be useful to the future generation for reference. Your grand children will know what their great grandfather or grandfather did, how they wrote, what was their writing style etc. They would enjoy reading an old man's diary.
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