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    Did this lockdown bring any change in your daily routine & in you as a person?

    This is a very unfortunate time but many of us are fortunate enough to be surviving comfortably at our homes with all the necessary facilities and income at the same time.
    I will not be talking anything about the calamity but only share my experience of being in the lock down for last 2 months and how its has brought about changes in me and my routine.

    Initially it all seemed like a very temporary arrangement and was expecting the lock down to end in 2 weeks time, but when it got extended with no respite in disease then I started to adapt and note the changes in myself.

    In the beginning I panicked with fake messages floating that all shops will be shut and I did go to grocery store and purchased more than I would normally do. But soon realized that i have made unnecessary buying by falling in trap of fake messages. Soon, I started to make changes to myself and kept myself alert and adopted a healthy routine which goes as below:
    1. I started to wake up early, by 6 a.m. (I know many of you wake up by 4) but this is early for me.
    2. Started fasting, once a week.
    3. Started to go to sleep by 11 pm max.
    4. Extended time of exercise and meditation from 30 minutes to 1 hour daily.
    5. Started teaching my kid new words and language.

    What I personally feel is that, I am fortunate enough to have enough resources in such testing times and also was able to do a little contribution financially and in kind.
    All these things made and changes have made me more energetic and clear and more compassionate. I now pay more attention to my kid and wife and I now respond rather than react.

    My anxiousness has also come down and I feel more productive than before. This period has to an extent changed me and i want to continue with the same spirit in near future too.

    I would like members to share their part of story that this lock down has brought about in them. I am not discussing anything about the pandemic but only about the lock down, that has affected us. I know there are lot more aspects that are there to be covered but, I would like to stick to individual level only, as everything cannot and should not be discussed as of now.
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    During the lockdown, I spent almost 50 days in my native place with my parents. Even though it is a village all facilities are available there. All items are available and if we inform them over the phone they will be delivering the items at the house. So we have not faced any shortage of the items.
    Asha workers were visiting once in while inquiring about the health condition. Volunteers are also visiting the houses and delivering help from the government to the eligible candidates.
    As there is no activity, I started learning some Hindu mantras from a Guru who is staying near and now I am able to recite those mantras without any problems by seeing in the book. In the evening all the house members were doing some reciting of Sanskrit slokas. Now, this has become a routine.
    I came back to Hyderabad on May 10th but the practices what I started there are being continued here also.

    always confident

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    Being a retired person, the lockdown did not make any drastic impact on me. But definitely it has restricted and controlled my outside movement. I had moved out of my home only about six or seven occasions during the lockdown period from 25 th March till day. At home we regulated and extended the vegetables and grocery to last more. We did not visit doctor for small cold or body ache or other small discomforts.
    Since lockdown till date we have not bought outside food. My wife used to accompany me for shopping twice or thrice a month. That had come down and she came out hardly two times in the last three months. I was associated in a non-profit community organisation. Much of the work to be done is pending as we cannot conduct meeting and discussions. Similarly many travel plans also have gone haywire.
    My son is working at home and we have to adjust and adapt to his working from home. But generally our expenses except the electricity bill have come down.

    Of course, I became more active in ISC.

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    During the lockdown days, for many days, I did not see the Sun.
    As I was not active at ISC then, it helped me to learn a new language Kannada,
    My expense was drastically reduced and I could save money and improve my bank balance.
    Lockdown helped me to open a FB account and I could get in touch with my old friends.
    By remaining at home, I could see a change in my complexion. I am a bit fair now.
    Really, Lockdown had some impact on me.

    But lockdown did not bring any change in my routine. As usual, I am relaxing at home.

    No life without Sun

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    Lock down thoughts me a few new techniques which I adopted in my life. My daily schedules doubled and I am facing a very bad time. I do not come to know when did it rise and dawn. It is like I should have had eight hands like the goddesses Durga to accomplish my tasks.
    Awaiting a normal life and expecting the world free from corona virus.

    Lead the leader

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    Being a retired person the lockdown has not brought much changes in my life except that I am missing my morning walks, talks and chatting with the seniors in my area in one of the parks in our area. That was a set routine for me as I was leaving my house at 7:30 in the morning and coming back to my house at about 10:30. During this time we had a group walking and exercising activities in the said park and then once in a week we used to go to the nearby shops for a cup of tea with some occasional snacks. We were sometimes going there in the evening also to water the flower plants there. It was really a fun and we all enjoyed that much. So that is the only perceptible change in my routine that I am sitting in house during that time also. I am now getting about 4 hours more in the house and that could be a reason behind my renewed activity in ISC during the last few months which other members might have noticed.
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    Bing a housewife it has not affected me much but there are some things which have changed much during this time. We were habitual of going for shopping in the afternoon or evening and were doing it very meticulously going from shop to shop and bargaining and checking the qualities etc but all those activities are now gone into vapour as we are not going out until unless it is necessary. Everything is being done by online or WhatsApp messages and there is door delivery or gate delivery of the provision and vegetable items. So, things are changed to that extent.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    It's heartening to see so many positive responses. Most of us are utilising this time for the best but still some need to catch up and cope with changing equations of economy, of work culture, of need and greed.
    We all have saved handsome amount of money in form of office travel expenses, outside food, clothing, leisure travel, and many more. Being in a metro city this roughly comes to around 15,000 a month, which is a handsome amount

    I am sure we all are utilising a part of this savings to help those in need.

    Live before you leave.

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    This stay at home experience has given chance to exchange more personal dialogues within the family members, know them further close and never in the past four of us stayed together for 24 hours and 60 days stay put at home. So the new way of life, the new way of behavior, the understanding capacity and above all restraining more patience and going through the life with minimal comfort but with great satisfaction that what ever we have , we had everything a bit of it and that kind of positive outcome was absent in the past. Thanks lock down, for many the life has become more changed to any kind of challenges in future for sure.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Earlier when I work in a factory, used to take my lunch sharply in lunch hour that is to say by 1.15 pm. Later when I shifted to another job I took my lunch by 2.15 pm.Now during the lock-down period I took lunch by 11.00 am. I afraid that how I am going to face if I go to the office after the lock down period. But otherwise I have not changed myself from going to bed or awaking from bed which is normally as I followed when going to office.

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