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    Posting a content in study channel and earn out of it


    I m a recruitment consultant.
    I would like to use study channel to post.
    I wish to post job postings and mathematical puzzlesnon daily basis and earn out of it.
    Pls suggest how to go about it. Thanks.
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    On ISC there is a job section. You can post there. But before going for that I suggest you should know about the channel more. For that, you can go through the following.
    A comprehensive guide for new members Sectionwise FAQs and Guidelines

    This will help you in understanding all the rules and regulations. Similarly, you can go through all the help topics also so that you will be well versed with the site.
    I wish you all the best.

    always confident

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    Welcome to ISC, you can post in all the sections of this site like :-
    1. Forum - to express your views on the threads raised by members, as well you can also raise a thread related to any information but this site is an education based, hence try to create your own threads in this path.
    2. Ask expert section - you can give your expert suggestions on the queries of other members and at the same time contribute to new queries.
    3. Resource section- you can choose a topic related to education and express in your own words to gain better.
    The one important aspect is, you should write using your own words, copied contents are not allowed here. You have to use complete words to write, no short forms are accepted.

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    Welcome to this site ISC and if you have interests in writing, posting contents, submitting educational information, learning new things, submitting articles especially on educational matters, improving your English and to participate in various contests then you are at the right place and can immensely benefit from this site. Try to learn the basic architecture of this site from the help sections and start posting the content in your choice of section. For every contribution you would be awarded some points depending upon the quality of content and in some of them you would also be able to earn some cash credits. It would take some time to learn these things and start earning from this site. You can see the work of other members also and can see how many points they have got for that. It would give you a very good idea and you can compare your work with that benchmark. So, the mantra is to contribute in a sustained manner for a long time and to learn for ones betterment in the process. All the best.
    Knowledge is power.

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