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    A very tough time for Hydrabadis.

    Already the whole city is experiencing problems because of increasing cases of Corona Virus in the city of Hyderabad. From the last three days, the summer is very severe and the temperature is crossing 46 degrees centigrade. People who go for daily wage works are feeling the heat and suffering a lot.

    Now the world Environmental Organisation has indicated that the effect of Ultraviolet rays is very high in Hyderabad during this entire week. Because of this high concentration of UV rays, people may get some problems related to skin and Eyes.

    The government, doctors and environmental scientists are advising the citizens not to go out in the heat and take care of themselves.
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    Even Delhi has experienced a high degree temperature of 50 degree, which was not heard for many years. It is really difficult to bear the scorching sun beams. This heat will affect the skin of human beings.
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    The season is summer in most parts of the country. Amid this Covid and the cyclone in some places. All trials and tribulaions.
    If we get scared and lose heart then the suffering will be more. But if we try to attempt to manage or remedy one by one priorotising then it wil be relatively easy.

    While it is the temperature that is adding to people's misery in those places, in Kerala the weather projection of more rains and a possible flood situation is worrying. But instead of worrying the government and people have to gear themseves to face any adverse situation.
    Lke the oft quoted 'Pray to God, Oh sailor, but row towards the shore".

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    The ongoing summer and the rainy season after that is a matter of worry in this situation as in rainy season there are many problems of water logging and drain choking taking place in most of the areas. This year it is going to be crucial as due to the virus threat the Govt focus was only for fighting with it and I do not think that the drain cleaning and other preparations for the monsoon are completed or even attempted. What Hyderabad is facing now is going to be the plight at many other places also we have to find means to survive through all these odds happening only in the year 2020.
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    For that matter the entire country is facing the heat wave and in North some cities have recorded 47 degrees this summer. As far as Hyderabad is concerned, we are facing the heat wave for the past five days and that resulted in cutting of our regular drinking water supplies. Instead of thrice a week, the water supply made to four days once and the acute water shortage add up to the scorching heat. And today the TS government has announced total lifting of lock down and the upsurge of people on the road would be more and traffic jams would be order of the day. It seems both central and state governments have left the decision making of staying at home to the integrity of the citizens and they have to face the virus on their own. But a word of warning to everyone especially children and elders not to venture out.
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    If it is happening in Hyderabad then it would also be happening at many adjoining places and the threat of ultraviolet rays would be looming on our heads. The ozone layer depletion which took place during the last decades due to large scale industrialisation and chemical industries is a great source of threat to all of us and specifically in summer when the intensity of sun rays is quite high. We have to take ample protection to cover ourselves with thick clothing preferably cotton one so that the scorching heat does not spoil our skin. Those who have to go out for attending to their duties using bike for movement, should take more care.
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