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    Why this kind of issues happen

    I find errors creeping in my posts. Sometimes I post my responses straight on the 'post comment' slot on the forum page. Sometimes I type on MS word and then copy to the ISC page.
    But I had seen that many times a part of a sentence or a few lines of what I typed have vanished. I come to know this only after posting and when reviewing. Then I go for editing. If I come to notice during typing, I click undo and it comes back.
    I had observed that this kind of vanishing occurs when I do some correction. Sometimes I am able to know. But sometimes I do not become aware ofthem. There may not be any red coloured or green coloured lines to invite my attention.
    I understand the remedy is, not to hurry, and use Grammarly and then post the content. But why it happens?
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    This is a bit strange as I have never experienced such a thing but yes in the digital world such things could happen due to a myriads of reasons. One thing that comes to my mind is that sometimes we write a document in one program say MS-word which is of some version and that we are posting in the box here which is having some other format and background software architecture. There could be a mismatch between the synchronisation of the formats between the two. Another reason which could be a likely one is the presence of some minor virus or such malicious program which are well known for removing some text from the document when it is copied and pasted to other place. So, there could be some of such possibilities which we can imagine but the actual answer we can get from some software engineer who face such problems and resolve them through their methods and solutions.
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    Many members are having the experience that after typing the content it simply vanishes and even if we go to the back page, it is not seen and efforts gone waste. What I advise that go to Incognito browser mode which does not support cookies and ads and therefore our activities can be done in peaceful manner without ads interference and blocking out our contents.
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    This should not happen, but it happens due to the pressing of wrong keys unknowingly while typing the text. What you concluded is right that we should not hurry to post. Have patience and give a final touch to your text by going through it thoroughly, be satisfied and press the submit button. And read your text again after submitting it and edit if required.
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    General these things happen when we press wrong buttons on the computer. Another chance maybe while selecting the lines if some are missing, the may not get copied and that may not get pasted. So we have to check and then only we have to submit.
    Grammarly will check the spelling and if the spelling is correct, it will be silent. If there is any grammar mistake it may check.
    It is always better to read the content once after we feel that the content is ready for posting. Then we notice all the problems and we can rectify those issues and then submit. We can not do it in a hurry.

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    @697857, frankly, I was not aware of this. Let me try and find.
    @697872, you are right. I would have pressed some wrong keys. But what is the key, I am still not able to find out. Those who know about short cuts keys can help me in this.
    @697887, you are right about Grammarly and same applied to even Word also. I had seen this occurring. I would have intended another word, but Word will not show the error if the spelling is correct (for example it will accept fat, where I would have intended fast)
    I hope some other members also may come with feasible solutions.

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    I observed that a lot of your posts are having spelling mistakes and I want to raise on that thread but I pull back myself because the editors will notify you on that. I have never experienced such a thing I think you press an insert button so that when you type a word that the previous word will erase.
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