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    Should examinations be postponed because of Amphan?

    The tropical super cyclone Amphan has done extensive damage to the Southern parts of West Bengal. My own town, Diamond Harbour, which is about eighty kilometers from the coastline, was pretty strongly hit. Electricity connection resumed after seven days. Most areas in the South 24 Parganas district are simply devastated. Many areas are still submerged in water. Thousands have lost their homes (if not millions). The official death toll is nearing hundred but unofficial numbers may be even higher. Millions have lost their livelihoods, particularly farmers. The Coronavirus was already devastating the country. On top of that this super cyclone was another nail in the coffin. Under such scenarios, should the educational institutions postpone examinations in West Bengal? What do you think?
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    If it has affected a large area then the Govt has to seriously think about it and may be postponing the exam would be a good idea. In case the students of that area can be shifted to other exam centres by arranging some shelter and canteen for them then there might not be a need for postponing the exam. It depends as how many students are affected by this calamity.
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    Already the education system has affected the country due to virus and this natural calamity has tested the patience of West Bengal. I am also of the feeling that the exams should be postponed to a later convenient date so that the students would have the chance to have the revisions quickly. But some exams has to be held and finished soon because it is connected to other higher studies in the country and abroad and the whole system gets jammed for one delay. So what I feel that WB would go ahead to continue the exam and Didi has to take decision. She will not listen to any suggestion or tips. She would take her own decision.
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    This is a very bad situation for West Bengal and Odisha I think. The cyclone has done extensive damage to these two states. West Bengal already in problems due to Corona Virus. Added to that this cyclone is another cause of worry. Again farmers are badly hit. They lost their crops and money. There is no clue for them how to sustain. Daily wage workers also are under pressure as there are no earnings.
    All over India Education this year suffered a lot. Almost for the last 75 days, no educational institute is working. Some states are planning to restart the schools. But I feel it is better if we wait for some more time. Cyclone areas will have bacteria problems also in addition to virus problems as the water will get stagnated in some places and that will cause heavy damage. Children are more vulnerable to the Corona Virus. The school-going child may not be aware of the problem fully and they may not follow social distancing and that may cause problems to their health. So schools should not be opened for another one month or si.

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    The West Bengal government has announced that the schools in the state will be closed till June 30 because of the havoc created by super cyclone Amphan. Earlier, there was a plan to re-open the schools in the state from June 11 but due to the damage of the school buildings caused by cyclone Amphan the decision has been changed. In the last week, the education minister of the state had announced that the Class 12 board exams will be held from June 29 onwards and till now there is no change in that schedule. The damage caused by the super cyclone is extensive and even in the outskirts of the city, the power supply is not normal. Still, there is a problem in mobile connectivity even inside Kolkata. Though I hope that by June end things will improve but in the villages, it will take a lot of time to bring the situation back to normal. There are a lot of areas submerged in water and in this situation, students won't be able to prepare for their examinations. The students of the city will not have much problem but the government must think of the students from the villages. Already there is distress everywhere because of COVID-19 and when the house of many students in the villages are damaged the government should give them some more time to prepare for the exams. I hope considering all these, the government may rethink its decision about conduction the examinations.

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    I was closely following the Amphan cyclone news on those days. I was referring all possible twitter tags and other online sources to get the update news. I was referring to the weather forecast web sites, Indian /Regional meteorological department web sites etc. Some of the pictures and videoclips in twitter feeds were indicative of the damage and devastation.

    Ironically except for some small reports I did not see detailed reports in newspapers or national TV channels except for the stereotyped and repeated scenes and clips. There was report of PM's and CM's helicopter tour of the affected areas.

    So I think only the local people know the real damage and problems. It is for the people's representatives and local officials to report the real status to the State government and central government.
    Regarding the acdemic examinations the State government can take appropriate decision obtaining the report about the ground realities and the difficulties and suffering of the people from officials and people's representative and feedback from people. The State CM would have got an overall idea fom her helicopter tour.

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