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    Pandemic, cyclone and now Locust, then what else for India?

    Over the last three months our country has been battered with the pandemic which resulted in actual breakdown of economy and not yet started. Meanwhile the cyclone Amphan created havoc in Odisha and West Bengal and needed much attention to provide basics and that was the big task for WB and country. And now locust swarms the cities and eat away the toiled produce of the farmers. Firstly was spotted at the borders but the insects are spreading fast in large groups and swarming many cities causing extensive damage to the crops. Are we getting doomed?
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    There is an old saying that - Misfortunes never come alone. I do not say that it would be true always but someone who enacted it might have experienced something like that happening in the society or country and then might had reached to such a fearful conclusion. It sometimes so happens that the unfortunate things crop up one by one and threaten us with their intensities. But as said - 'this situation would also go with time' - paving ways for better tomorrow we have to survive on that hope. We are definitely going through a tough phase and not only we the whole world is struggling with the pandemic in its own ways and praying to Almighty for bringing back the old golden days.
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    Added to the above,tension prevailing at India, China, Nepal border. Exchange of words between the rival armies of the countries is heated up the situation further. Mr.Modi had discussion with the heads of the army regarding the border tension between India and China according to the news reports.

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    Truly speaking, the Year 2020 is the doomsday (doomsyear) for us. Earlier in the year 2000, we all anticipated doomsday. That did not happen. I think God delayed it to 2020. We never experienced a doomsday in the past. We did not know what would happen and how it would happen.

    What we are facing now is the beginning of the doomsday. The whole world cannot be destroyed in one day called doomsday. It is a judgement day for God. The destruction will be slow and in phases. Look at the pandemic that the world suffers. It will go on until we find a vaccine. When will we find a vaccine? No one knows it. There will be a point when God would be happy. Till then the world will face many difficult situations that we cannot think of in advance. Pandemic, cyclone, locusts....and what next? No one can predict what is in God's mind.

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    This is a testing time not only for India but the whole world, the locust has not only destroyed the crops in India but many other countries as well. But India is severely affected by many issues, there are waves of concern across India due to many issues. I don't know what is happening around, I am daily listening to the news of fires in many industrial buildings, shops etc. These happenings belong to Vishakhapatnam, Delhi, etc. Hope, God forgive us all for our mistakes and we come back to normal lives again.

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    The whole world is facing tough times. The USA is has seen many deaths of Corona Virus. Similarly many countries. Fortunately in India, the virus is not that serious but many other problems are being faced by the country. The problem of insects. They are spoiling the crops. Cyclone, heatwave and UV rays, are also the reasons for worry. Income levels of Individual have come down. Daily wage workers are struggling a lot. The total country is under tremendous pressure.
    Meanwhile man-made mistakes like LG polymers gas leakage at Visakhapatnam etc. How the country is able to withstand this. Luckily the man at the helm of the affairs is a committed person for the welfare of the country and he is trying his best to bring the country to a safe position. Let us all pray God for the welfare of the country.

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