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    The hand that rocks the cradle always rules the world

    While talking to a group of plus two students in the recent past, I was able to notice a common thread that runs through all of them. The boys and girls were from different backgrounds. For most of them, mothers were their pillars of strength and the source supplying them with positive energy though in some cases the role of the fathers also were worth mentioning.

    Some were doing some good social work, by emphasizing the value of social distancing and helping the police. They were sometimes given food by the local people, who appreciated their work. They formed small groups to help the vulnerable, in this case, the beggars and the very old people who had nowhere to go.

    In the early morning hours, the volunteers were there at the bazaar, trying to enable the crowd to behave. They even distributed masks to those who did not wear them. It was then understood that local social club had sponsored the cost of around 2000 masks that were distributed to those who did not have them.

    Yes, the hand that rocks the cradle still rules the world. To this day, and possibly for ever.
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    A nice post by the author. The mother or woman who nurtures the children or even other children has got a great role in their lives. There are instances in the history where the women were instrumental in inculcating confidence and courage in the young minds and those youngsters became very successful in their lives and became the great leaders later in their countries. It shows that the women have a great influence on the young minds which are brought up by her in a progressive and motivating fashion. Definitely they have a great role in crafting their career in a positive direction.
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    See Pandavas and Kauravas. Pandavas have a lot of influence on their mother Kunthi and after marriage the influence of wife Draupadi. Their thinking, the way they respect elders and the value they give for morals are obtained from their mother. In the case of Kauravas, both mother and father are not having eye vision and Duryodhan was brought up by his maternal uncle Sakuni. Sakuni is a crooked man and he is responsible for the downfall of Duryodhana. This indicates that women will play an important role in their lives.
    Every day morning my wife will spend some time in pooja. My granddaughter sits with her and she will also start reciting the slokas what my wife reads. This nature of women will make the children be more positive and successful.
    I have seen some young boys in Hyderabad also helping the police and doing service to the people. Many places donating food is going on especially in rule areas some people are cooking and feeding daily some needy people. Young boys and girls are more involved in this case. I feel mothers will definitely have a major role in the lives of their children.

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    Surely the mother has the power of tackling any situation comes to the child and she would be ready even to take hurt her for the sake of child. Mother knows the pain of her child and she knows the requirement and exact things the child would seek. If a child behaves good and has the best attitude, the first credit goes to the mother and her way of nurturing. When the child becomes girl and ready for marriage, it is the mother who creates all interest for her and make her the best suitable person for the groom. This way the mother is helpful to us all through the life and those are blessed who have the mother at their right hand.
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