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    What are the various things we need to take care in public places?

    Is it fine to carry our own scissors and the combs while visiting a saloon? And of course, wear gloves while going to purchase vegetables or groceries? I had a hair cut with these things in place and counted my stars that the guy doing the haircut should not have the virus in him. To this day, fifteen days after the hair cut, I am seemingly safe.

    What else can be done? Is there any method to check if the barber or the vegetable vendor or the person standing next to us does not carry the virus, more so, as they would be coming in contact with many people? What are the State/ Central Governments doing in this regard? Can we demand that the shop-owner and the salesmen or the barber or the person who is near to us shows his test results?

    What more can be done to be safe? If any member has seen any additional care being taken by people who are engaged in jobs that require close contact with others, please do share such an experience, as we can possibly get educated and also educate such people as to the care and caution they should be taking.

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    One thing is for sure, as a customer you should wear gloves for your hands and mask for your face. Better don't carry any mobile phone with you to the saloon. Keep exact cash to pay the money. Better take your own comb, scissors, blade. Take your own lungi to cover your body while covered over during hair cutting. The clothes used in saloons are never will be clean in nature. After coming back to home take head bath immediately with shampoo and soap. Sterilise the articles you carried to the saloon. Few days back from my terrace I have seen three family members of my neighbouring house have their hair cut done by barber at their roof terrace. The barber as well as the house members wore gloves and masks. In my childhood time we used to have haircut in our house where barber used to visit our house periodically. After so many years I have seen this scene now.

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    This is a very important question and we have to be very careful when going to a saloon in this pandemic situation. Every saloon would not be so hygienic that they would use different and sanitised towels for each and every customer. Only high end saloon might be going for that and of course they would be charging a hefty amount for that. The person who goes to a saloon for hair cutting and shaving has to make it sure that there is no spraying of water on the face and head and let the barber only slightly moisten the hairs if he needs to do so for a smooth cut and then there are issues of using individual razors and shaving brushes etc to avoid spreading of the infection from one person to another. Likewise there are many such precautions that are to be taken by the barber as well as the customer to avoid any such source which is doubtful. It is easy to say all this but practically very difficult to do to take such precautions in our lives as we are not habitual of these ways of life. But there is no other way and we have to do the best we can do in this matter.
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    Why fear, suspect and struggle? Just buy some hair cutting tools and practice cutting hair at home. Let us ask our housewives to do it for their husbands and children and vice versa. There are varieties of all in one hair trimmers available in the market to make your job easy. Stop visiting saloons or barbershops. Be self-reliant.

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    It is better to avoid going to the saloon for some more time. I have gone for my hair cut in the month of April in our native place. The barber will come home. We have our own equipment and he did the cutting and gone. It is more than a month. But in Hyderabad, it is not possible. So I feel I wait for another two months and when I got my place again I can get it there.
    It is better to avoid going out to the place where more people are there. We should be careful thinking that the other person may have some problem. If somebody is coming to my house I am making them sit in the portico and talking to them and seeing them off. It is better to be careful for some more time.
    Even in the offices also if somebody is having some fever or cough it is better to ask them to take leave for some time so that all other people will be safe.

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    For most of us the stay at home period has thrown lots of challenge to us and one of them is without the salon and the hair cutting facilities. While doing shaving at home is easy earlier too but cutting the hair was cumbersome and not orderly. Though trimmers are doing their favor, self cutting of hair would not serve the purpose. And many wants to visit the salon and wants the experience hands to do the favor and in that case wearing the PPE kit for ourselves or ask the hair salon person to wear one before going for the hair cutting. Or carry the cloth to cover your body and ask salon barber not to use his clothes.
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    Main thing is to avoid going out unless unavoidable work is there.
    If we go out we should wear mask.
    We should not accompany children or pet animals on any account.
    We should never spit on road though we are alright in all manners.
    We should drop the unwanted items only inside the dustbins or if the dustbins are overflown, we should put on the top of heap without scattering on road.
    It is better to have self shaving and put off the idea of going to saloon for haircut or shaving

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    The thread has probably omitted 'Thermal scanner"!!
    We should be prudent and take prudent precautions as prescribed. There is no end if we become too obsessive.
    The saloon person wil also have the same fear and doubt which the author has expressed as a client. So it is about mutual trust and individual prudent precaution.

    I see more problem in shaving than in haircut, For haircut one can keep the mouth and nose covered by mask. But while shaving the mask cannot be worn as effectively. Many have grown beard in the last two-three months. Hence what I suggest is visit a saloon only for hair cut and do the shaving as far as possible oneself. Keep the time inside or in proximity to as less as possible.

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