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    What is your contribution or share towards the progress of India?

    My dear fellow Indians,
    We all talk about India and its progress and development. India cannot progress on its own without the efforts of the citizens of India. Let me ask you a question - As a citizen of India, what is your contribution or share towards the progress or development of India?
    If you are old, What have you done for India's development?
    If you are young, what are you going to do for India's development?
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    I paid Taxes six times of my entire 12 years of my Job(still working). I will pay the property tax yearly. The money the state government generates through this tax is used for the development of local amenities like roads, maintenance of parks, schools, etc. You can choose to pay your property tax on an annual or half-yearly basis as per your comfort.
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    I am a regular income taxpayer for the last 33 years. I never avoided paying tax. Similarly, whatever I purchase I insist on a bill so that tax will be paid by the seller. This money is supposed to be used for the development of the country by the government.
    Whenever there was a calamity I have donated money along with my colleagues and many time we paid one day salary as a donation for the service of the victims.
    I pay tax on my property and I never default that payment. I always try to use Indian products only so that the money will be within India only and it will not go out of the country. I have taken an active part in developing some important substitute for Indian defence services and with those products, Indian defence saved some foreign exchange.

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    Over and above the regular income tax payer I am indirectly contributing to the country from morning till evening daily. Starting with brushing the teeth the tooth brush and the paste cost has my contribution of tax, the food in intake in the morning as break fast and lunch and also the dinner at the night also have the indirect contribution of my tax and the fuel I put in the vehicle also contributes to the national exchequer for the state and central. My cell phone recharge, my current consumption and many more through which I pay the indirect tax to the government. Hence my self and yourself and everyone are the daily contributors to the country.
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    I am an extremely honest taxpayer. I pay taxes doing the working myself. I am taking even the last paisa I get as income from all sources. Many tell me that if I consult a tax consultant or CA, I may become a NIL tax payer. But I am really a timid fellow in this regard and do not want any future problem and want to walk with my head straight and without any feeling of guilt.
    I have never travelled in public transport without taking ticket. I have paid and still paying statutory demands. I am paying the indirect taxes loaded in the cost of goods I purchase. As far as possible I never violate the public law, rules and guidelines. I pay the electricity bills and many other ills and taxes more than many others. I do not get any concession or direct benefit from government. My ration card is under the non-priority non-subsidy category.
    While I was in job, I am confident that I have worked to the maximum efficiency and more than the average.
    I sincerely participate in elections by voting.
    I feel confident that I am doing my best to the progress of this country

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    #697942 I am unable to understand one thing who will travel without taking a ticket(If he is educated) I think there is no need to mention. Sometimes in city buses, If you give 100 rupees the conductor will tell there is no change with him he will leave two options for you one to get down the bus or other thing he will give change and a ticket after the change is available with him and will tell you to have to face your consequences so in order to reach the destination that you might agree after reaching the destination as the conductor forget the change and ticket and you also get down the bus in that way you might travel without buying a ticket.
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    Many ticketless travellers can be found in city/town buses. Due to overcrowding, many travellers don't buy ticket. They take risk and travel. The member you questioned is a very sincere member. I too like him. I never travelled without buying a ticket.
    A joke to share:
    Son: Mom, I saved five rupees today.
    Mom: How son?
    Son: See. I went to a movie hall. I purchased a ticket for the second class for Rs. 5/-. After sitting there for a while, I jumped the divider and sat in first class and watched the movie. The first-class ticket cost Rs. 10/-. Tell me, Have I not saved Rs. 5/- by doing this?
    Mom: OMG! You are great my son.

    2nd Son: Mom, I too saved Rs. 5/- today.
    Mom: Is it, How?
    2nd son: I boarded a bus and took a ticket for the first stage paying Rs.5/-only, But I got down at the 3rd stage for which the ticket cost is Rs. 10/-. Thus I saved rupees 5/-
    Mom: I am lucky to have two great sons. Oh' God Save them.

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    I do not know what the author tried to mean by contribution to the progress of the country and equally, I fail to understand the term progress. I hope the author is not talking about monetary contribution. If that is so then I think the migrant labourers who are walking miles together during the present situation do not have any contribution towards the development of the country. Every citizen has a role to play and all are contributing towards the progress of this country. Whatever job you are doing you are contributing towards the GDP. Whatever service you are attached to has benefited others in some way. I think that is for the progress of the country.

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    If a person has sincerely performed his duties and paid taxes in time and has not engaged in fraudulent practices then we can very well say that he has served the country well and when one serves the country well then it is like contributing in its progress only. So, most of us might have done like that and have been instrumental in the progress of the country. If it is so then why the country is not progressing in a way that it should had been. The reason is that there are some corrupt people in the Govt machinery and some fraudulent people in the business world who are siphoning out from the Govt coffers day and night and enjoying with that money. Due to this the real benefits to the poor people are not reaching up to the mark. These are the people in whose houses, raids are done and then they are sent to jail. Many of them are still in jail waiting for their term to complete. Till such persons exist in the system and are not severely punished, no concrete progress can be expected.
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    The real progress of the country is to see how happy the citizens of that country are. It is the happiness and the living style of the people. A vast military with guns, tanks, rockets missile, fighter planes and fighting ships is not a progress of a country. There should be no poverty. There should be cheerfulness in every face we see. Should be self-sufficient and self-reliant. Should not take loans from other countries, but give a loan. We should be able to produce more and improve our exports. The country should attract foreigners to visit.
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    I am a common man whose income does nothing touch any of the tax slabs but I pay in tots and bits on GST for petrol, diesel of my vehicles, by buying groceries, for insurance of vehicles and so on.
    I also plant at least three to four plants every year to get pure air. I limit the usage of water resources at my house also the electricity.
    I help the poor people when they are in needy and if it is known as a genuine person. I teach for students who ask for education at concessional fees or sometimes do not collect.

    If we are able to serve for the community where we are residing, it means we are contributing to our nation, India. This is my ideas about serving the nation. Hence I will follow all the paths that leads me to these intentions.

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    @697947, for the sake of debating and negating you may ask "who will travel without taking a ticket (If he is educated)."
    If everyone is so particular will the Railways and Road Transport Corporation waste the money in keeping so many Ticket examiners and vigilance squad?
    Dues to compelling situation, and not to cheat, also people travel ticketless. People from Mumbai who had experience with the long and crowded queues in front of the ticket counter may be able to understand and explain. Just for a five minute journey, they may have to wait ten minutes or fifteen minutes in the ticket queue. (Now, the situation is far better with apps, online ticket and ATVMs). People will be tempted by urgency to travel without ticket taking the risk of fine if caught. Their intention was not to cheat, but by compulsions of urgency.

    @697964, good points.

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    #697979 In Mumbai they are ticket vending machines(I saw in the year 2007-2010) so people don't go and wait for a ticket in the queue but you need a perfect change for that. As for a long journey, there is a Suvidhaa which I involved in that project its a solution for long-standing queues. The project is all about having Suvidhaa outlets in various areas to give the tickets with additional charge rupees 5 and even airlines too.
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    Let us please get back on the track.

    As for my contribution, I think I am doing my bit by paying my taxes and bills on time, by not violating the laws in force, by not littering my surroundings, by not paying bribes, by not trying to take advantage of my position or relationships, by casting my vote, by alerting the police of any suspicious activities, by alerting the concerned authorities about any damages/ possible damages to public property, by being of help (to a possible extent) to my neighbours, by being a good family man and so on and so forth. To be precise, I would say that I contribute by being a responsible citizen. Progress of any nation is not all about economics only, there is more to it and each one of us contributes (must contribute) in our own way but being responsible, I think, is the most important one.

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    In short- Every citizen of the country is bearing the burden of debt of IMF or World Bank or any other country (if India owe), also we are bearing all the expenses of our country in form of taxes e.g. the cost of oil is less than Rs 15/ per litre but what we pay on petrol pump are additional taxes/charges.

    Extraction of the statement of late Somnath Chaterji is that India is the only country where they ('servants of the people') themselves decide what should be their salary, perks, pension and all other freebies (which the common people are to pay.)

    Are we still to prove to be the real nation builders?

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    I am particular for the environmental upkeep and generally tell people not to litter around. Once in a month a group of ladies go to the nearby parks and crossings to bring awareness in the people about cleanliness. The local corporate also supported us in getting cleaned some of the crossings sides garbage and we planted trees there. So in this humble way we are contributing and now many children have also joined with us in this community work. For last 2-3 months we have stopped going out but as soon as this situation eases we would be back to this community work.
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    Members should not be confused with my words Progress of the nation. You may call it 'Nation building' also. Anything that is done for the betterment of our country. It could be any service, contribution, sacrifice etc.
    I have contributed my best for the nation by working 24x7 for 40 years. I too paid my Income tax regularly without fail. I never visited a CA to get my income tax amount manipulated and adjusted. Contributed generously for the PMs and CMs funds. I never said NO to anyone who approaches me for any nation related issue.

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