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    You are alone responsible for your sensible and alert behavior

    As the pandemic curbs are going to be fully lifted by this month end, everyone of us need to chalk out plans and procedures to carry on our life and work and in future the governments like state and central may not advise you to restrain movement to different places and the onus purely lies on every citizen to decide alone and act. You only know the impending danger at the place you visit and take the unseen danger to your home. So we are given more responsibility to decide sensibly and behave in such manner so that we are safe, our family is safe and our neighbors are safe.
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    True. The government is giving relaxation but not Corona Virus. So the onus is definitely on us. Your way of life and the way you organise will decide your safety. If you restrain yourself from unwanted activities, you will be safe. Otherwise, you will be at a risk. That is all up to you.
    We should go out only when it is absolutely necessary only. Take care and follow all the instructions given by the experts in the field. Don't take the attitude of nothing will happen. Always be cautious. Be happy and keep your family also happy.

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    It's correct. We always need to act sensibly by following all the precautions. During this entire period, almost all of us are aware about the precautions one need to take. From various media and through news, advertisements and articles, it is widely publicised. There are warnings too. It's our collective responsibility to act sensibly and then only it will be possible to break the chain of the virus. We all need to be careful even after the lockdown is lifted and should not force others to behave in an irresponsible way. I have seen that people in my locality force the public transport owners to carry more passengers and even they do not mind to stand on the footboards of the public buses. Though this situation was before the lockdown I am sure now people will not force the conductors or drivers to carry them along when there is a restriction on the number of passengers the vehicles can carry.

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    True. Any problem we land upon will be 'swayamkritanartham' or self made follies.
    When there is no sure remedy or prevention for some problem, each one has to take care of himself as if the problem is near and imminent. There cannot be an allowance of negligence in the present situation. This is because our smal carelessnes can bring even a holocaust. So it is utmost care and precaution that is not needed.

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    When the Govt asks us to remain under lockdown then the first question comes in mind is why Govt is taking it so seriously and everyone starts thinking about his business loss or job loss or other major inconveniences caused in one's life. It takes time to understand the seriousness of the situation when our near and dears are affected by the virus infection and then we realise that it is not something that happens to others only, it can happen to us also one day. Once this realisation comes in mind we become alert and cautious and start asking more lockdowns from the Govt. By that time a lot of economic slowdown has already happened and Govt cannot afford more lockdowns and starts relaxing and then says that people should also feel responsible and take precautions. So, now the responsibility is on our head and ball is in our court. What should we do now? Whom to blame now? We are now forced to take maximum precautions and care because if something happens then everyone would say that we did not take that particular precaution.
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    Many people across the country feels that the rules,regulations and procedures announced by the Government is meant for somebody else and not for us. Lock down announcement is to maintain distance among us and to restrict our movements outside to curb the virus attack. But based on baseless suggestions by others many of us crying our day to day earnings got affected. It is true everybody suffers but what for and for whom- they think that the everything is for Government. Some miscreants released their requirements to open this and that without minding the social distance. On one side part of public asks the government to provide facilities to move the people of other states and on the other side some public announcing that the government is driving people out of their states. What justification here and how the Government will act?

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