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    We will lose our power of discrimination when we are angry.

    Pandavas were given Indraprastha. Arjuna was very angry for the injustice done by Drutharasthra. He started shooting a tree with his arrows. Bhishma Pithamaha comes and asks Arjuna what that tree has done for him? How that tree was responsible for the injustice done to them? Bhishma told Arjuna that anger will make us anxious and we will lose our discrimination power.

    We all have the discrimination power. We all know what we should do and what we should not do. When any need comes we will think and take the correct decision. But when we are angry, we will lose our discrimination power. We will not remember what is correct and what is not correct also. So chances of making mistakes are more. So we should not be under the influence of anger and if we are in an angry mood we must restrain ourselves from taking any decisions or actions. Do you agree?
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    It is correct as we do not know what we are doing when we are in angry. That is what elders told to take care of tongue before talking. In Tamil there is proverbs/Sayings:
    1. Aathirakkaranukku Buththi mattu, which means brain is not working to persons who are in anger,
    2. Kobam paavam sandaalam which means anger leads a man to bad level through increase of sin
    3.Kobaththodu ezhubavan nashtaththodu utkaarvaan, which means those who raise from ground with anger will sit on the ground with huge loss
    4.Kobam kannai maraikkum which means anger hide all the thoughts

    Because of this anger only many crimes are happening and the persons did such crimes later feel bad for which nobody can do anything.

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    When we are angry we lose the sense of presence. We forget where we are or what we are doing. Because of this, we do things that we are not supposed to. Anger damages us internally and we cannot take the correct decision. Actually, being too emotional can cost us the power to think. Decisions taken during anger, grief and sometimes extremely joyful moments can be wrong because during those moments people are unable to apply their minds. That's why one should not act or take any decision in such conditions.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    According to Sri Nannagaru, fear and anger are main obstacles to get self-knowledge. When we get self-knowledge, we become happy and bliss. It is the very nature of us. For that, angry should be diminished then only discrimination power will definitely come. If we see Gurus(self-realized souls), we can identify about their nature even in critical times also. It is possible only after understanding about them. Bhishma is a Jnani so that he preaches to Arjuna to leave angry to contemplate peace and bliss.
    I believe in a positive attitude. I like those who criticize me.

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    Our wisdom texts include 'Krodham' or anger as one of the five signs of a fool. The other four being Ego or pride, Abusive language, disrespect, and unnecessary adamancy.
    Anger or Krodh is also one of the six enemies ('shadripus') of our mind. Anger is like simmering fire burning from inside.
    When one becomes angry, his sense vanishes. He cannot behave in a balanced way. He may behave as if temporarily blind and deaf. A decision taken when one is angry can go wrong and bring damaging results too. Anger control is the main in one's self control. A person who has control over anger is called 'Jitakrodha". In Vishnu Sahsranama stotra Lord Vishnu is called Jitakrodha.
    Anger begets anger. Hence anger cannot bring peace. It is said that 'Anger does not solve anything, it builds nothing, but it can destroy everything"

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    Most of the things that we never want to do in our lives, are done by us during angry mood. This is the most dangerous attribute in our lives and it is said that when a person becomes angry he loses his vision, literally of course. An angry man loses his sense of differentiating between good and bad and his actions are mostly governed by this evil anger and not by his mind. Anger rules over our mind and makes us dumb and foolish during those moments. Most of the crimes and eventuality take place when people are under the grip of this and then there is nothing left in our lives than repenting on those unfortunate events.
    Knowledge is power.

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    ''A moment of patience in a moment of anger saves a thousand moments of regret''.

    I truly believe in the above saying that it is better for us to control our anger lest we should repent for our humbug. Indeed, anger kills all reasoning power that angry person forgets what is right and what is wrong but when he calms down he regrets.

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    Anger is a natural trait in people and generally it is attributable to the loss, defeat, failure and other such things in one's life. A child would be angry with his mother if she is not able to feed him in time. A student would fight for his pocket money with his father. A bad worker would fight with his colleagues and sometimes with the boss also. There are many reasons for culmination of anger in human beings and those who can control it in all situations are the real winners. This requires a control on ones temperament and also requires patience and accommodation with the fellow beings.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Anger reflects that you are dissatisfied with some person and there would be natural outburst of your anger. This state does not even allow you to express your honest feelings before the man to take some corrective steps so that in the next time there is no recurrence of such negative emotions. Actually, it arrests all our rational senses and uncontrollable anger can lead to even such crimes not thought earlier. Hence it would always be better to start morning a fresh taking a vow that I will not fall in the trap of anger. Even resorting to yoga to diffuse such negative emotions will help you in overcoming your anger.

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    In Tamil there is a great proverb 'poruthar bhoomi azhwar' that means those who had the patience and had the ability to define between good and bad always had the right to discriminate with finesse. The main problem with most of Indians that we do not give the chance for the thing to happen. One person sought some boon from Lord Ganesha and started breaking 108 coconuts in front the statue. As he keep on braking the coconut up to 100 he started losing the confidence and getting into angry mode as the Lord Ganesha never shown any mercy but still 8 coconuts are left. And the devotee wants to complete the task and starts breaking the coconuts one after another by seeing the statue. Once he completed 107 he lost patience and get much angered and started abusing the Lord Ganesha for not granting the boon and the final coconut was broken on the head of the statue which angered the Lord who was about to abide by the devotee.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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