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    Open bore well proves death trap for small kids

    In a gruesome incident, a kid about three age has lost his life while accidentally fell into the under construction open bore well and the parents are unable to get consoled that their son was lost for ever as they could not retrieve him even after 12 hours efforts from various agencies and probably due scorching heat wave and the suffocation inside the bore might have killed the kid instantly. Small kids have the habit of peeping into holes and playing around it and therefore it is the parents who have to take care of them by watching their moves always.
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    It is surprise to see the similar incidents happening though many alert themselves by reading in newspapers, televisions, seen the difficulties and sufferings to the related people as well Government people. In spite of this the things are happening means the persons responsible for the bore-well should be punished severely. For this the judicial persons should act without any bias only keeping in mind about the life of children.

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    Many times this type of incidents are happening. Carelessness and not keeping any indication around the open borewell are causing these incidents. A farmer tried a borewell but there was no water. So he left and not closed it. Just this happened day before yesterday only. Yesterday the farmer's wife with her kid was going in that way and the kid got drowned into the borewell and the mother has not noticed it till that boy has fallen into the borewell. Whom to blame here? Who is at fault? Both the parents are at fault. Why the open borewell was not closed immediately? Why the mother was not careful while going that way with a small kid.
    The government agencies made all their efforts for saving that kid. But they couldn't. The conditions are not favourable. Let us learn lessons from the incidents that are happening and let us learn to be more careful. That is the need, Everybody should see that such open borewells will never be left without any indication around.

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    Another day, another sad incident has happened ..this time in my very own state. A little kid has lot his life in a tragic way after being slipped inside an open bore-well. This time the culprits are none other than the kid`s own family members whose negligence has caused the life of kid as price . Even after many such incidents still we have not learning any lessons and small kids loosing their lives. Governments and agencies related to concerned works should make more strict laws and even should pass law and should make kids movement restricted in such places so that we can stop these kind of tragic incidents a bit in future .
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    Though strict orders are passed by the government to take prior permission before digging bore well that is violated and not properly covering the unused bore is the recurring problem.
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