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    How patting helps in sleeping better

    With world around us in chaos, thinking about patting is something we would not do. But sleeplessness is a huge problem. It would not be an exaggeration to say 1-5 people suffer from sleep disorders.
    We all slept on our parent's shoulders as kids and got patted on our backs till we slept. It definitely is one of the surest ways to put someone to sleep. Multiple TEDtalk participants claim that patting on yourself or thing next to you can achieve the same effect , making you sleepy in minutes. So how does patting works?
    When you get pat on by someone : according to me, your body, your heart especially adjusts to the slow and incessant rhythm of pats. And we all know how directly heart rate connects to sleep. By incessant rhythm keeping, heart beat adjusts to comfortable level and sleep takes you over.
    When you pat on yourself or something : you are forcing your mind and body to produce an incessant constant rhythm. This is an utterly taxing act. This forces your mind to sleep.
    What do you think of this method for sleeplessness?
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    Before patting, find out the reason for sleeplessness. I completely agree that there are many who suffer from sleep disorders and this disorder is there because of the worry and depressive thoughts. Unless and until you are working on the cause the sleep disorder will remain. Patting may help in the beginning but may not be that effective after some time. There are many who won't be able to sit comfortably by closing their eyes for 15 minutes. Meditation can help to sleep. It's always better to wok on the causes of disorders rather than trying to cure the disorders through some means. By effectively addressing the causes can reduce many of our problems.

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    Now only I am hearing about self patting for sleep. Children sleep with parent's patting because they are comfortable and secure with parents' touch. Moreover, an infant is habituated to the rhythm of the heartbeats of its mother when it was in her womb. That is its most comfortable rhythm and sound. That is why a child sleeps fast and comfortably when the mother rocks the cradle in smooth and comforting rhythm and pace.

    Studies have found that touch therapy is useful during illness. That is why we get relief and comfort when parents (or spouse) massage our forehead or chest with or without medical ointments when suffering from headache, cough etc. We would have seen elders in villages take nice afternoon snap while the spouse or children or servants massage their feet.

    When someone close to us gives us a patting, that is really comfortable, encouraging and soothing. But how far will it have an impact when we pat on ourselves, I am not sure.
    I have read many years ago that self hypnotising techniques like telling ourselves that " I am going to sleep", " I am relaxing; I am relaxing, sleeping'' etc repeatedly and in a measured pace will induce sleep. Similarly, I have seen infants humming lullaby sounds like their mother when the mother is not around and fall asleep. In that logic I feel self patting in a comfortable way can help adults also sleep better.

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    Those were some really good replies and insights Venkateshwaran and Sankalan. I appreciate your views.
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    We know that the small kids and children wont sleep that easily and the parents wants them to sleep to get rid of their naughty presence for a while. While some used the Jhula type swings to make the child asleep fast, many child may not like that method as they feel like going on the high swings. But the best way to make the child to sleep fast is ti massage the head so gently and for that matter even the elders would go into sleep mode fast. That is the reason being so when we go to the salon the barber would massage our head for sometime and that would be wonderful feel to sleep a while but patting the child on back would give the secured feeling to the child as someone cares them.
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    Patting of a mother is mingled with care, love and affection giving a soothing effect and a healing touch. These emotions emanate in core of her heart which are transmitted into the body of her baby and the baby feels these emotions with his senses, therefore, he sleeps calmly.

    I don't think self-patting is equally effective.

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    Patting the children is a time tested method to bring sleep to them. It works very effectively. Psychologists believe that any rhythmic activity which distracts our mind from the worldly disturbances and brings it to peace with those soothing touches is a unique way of calming down a person whether a child or adult. In fact a soft melodious lullaby sung by the mother also brings the same effect in a child as the patting does and the child slowly sleeps under its spell. Sometimes a melodious soft song also does the same trick. The essence is to provide a comfort and soothing atmosphere to divert the brain from the outside disturbances as well as from the inside turmoils. Once mind is diverted in that fashion, objective of getting sleep is achieved.
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    As far as I know patting has been concerning with touch therapy. It is clinically approved method to make sleep of every age group whether kid or old. Patting can be seen most effective to make child sleep. When someone starts patting then most of our body part especially heart, mind feel relax and automatically our whole body system goes into sound sleep. In earlier days, people used to apply this method a lot especially when someone fell ill in home then family member start message forehead ,sometimes feet by applying oil. Even today,doctor suggest that oil massage is necessary for overall development of baby. All are included in touch therapy/patting. So I am agreed with view that patting helps in better sleep.

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    Parents use this technique as a traditionally established thing and children respond to it quickly and parents get the desired results of getting the baby sleep in no time. Definitely the soft touch and love makes it to happen.
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