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    Whatever is going to happen will happen

    I know all of you will agree to it. There may not be any second opinion about this. Most of you will say you won't be able to avoid destiny. I am not going to start a debate about believing in something or not. Rather, I would like to make it simpler. Just think about our lives. Nobody has seen the future but plan for it. Actually nobody has seen tomorrow but thinks tomorrow would be beautiful. This is because we live on hopes. When some hopes are dashed we become helpless. We try to look for reasons and when we fail we console our mind. This consolation is essential because we cannot brood on the past and we need to move forward. Nobody knows destiny that's why we say what is going to happen will happen. Whether it is for our good or bad we do not know we only know that life is a continuous process and it goes on and for that many things happen at every moment. Since we do not know what is going to happen we try to console our mind by saying such things. It's also a healing process. Hope you won't get me wrong.
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    There is a Tamil saying " Mathiyaal Vidhiyai Vellalaam"- means we can overcome fate by our intelligence(intellect). The story of Satyavan-Savitri also proves this.
    But the world is enormous big and not fully fathomed. So there are many things which are beyond our comprehension and control. We learn by experience. Though rain is not under our control, we can make ourselves comfortable by using umbrella.
    There are many many things which are beyond our control. We are born like that. We cannot say when we will die. But that does not mean that we should be 'fatalists' putting everything on fate and doing nothing from our side. We have to do whatever is possible by us. The Bhagavat Gita teaches us to do our Karma unmindful of the results.
    Our ancient texts show how severe penance and sincere hard efforts can bring results. Most of us would have heard about 'Bhageeratha prayatna", how River Ganga was brought to our land, Bharat from the heavens.
    To say it in practical sense I use the Shakespearean quote" Pray to God Oh, sailor, but row towards the shore". With sincere and focused efforts and with sincere prayers to the Almighty we can make miracles happen.

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    Human nature is very strange. When a person does something and gets good result then he boasts about it and advise it in the society and tells that he has done it and feels proud in telling that. It is definitely a proud moment for him. At the same time if he fails in his endeavours then he starts giving many excuses like God was against it or it was destined or whatever is going to happen will happen. This duality shows the weakness of human mind and also shows that things are not understood well by us in this matter. We have to go on doing our efforts and hard work in life and cannot sit idle by thinking that why to work or bother if 'Whatever going to happen will happen'.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Destiny will never change but the efforts of human beings to control and the hopes should always be encouraged. We should tie our hands and wait for destiny to occur instead we can use various ways to enthrawl ourselves from the crisis through different means. If the results are good, we should also express our feelings and share the joy so that others also can get benefits from it.
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    We can always take solace in this phrase and many times do not get stress or pain of failure by believing in this doctrine. I have heard some senior people in our house as well as in neighbourhood that do not worry as whatever is going to happen will happen.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Yes. Whatever has to happen will happen. In Mahabharat Lord, Krishna told Vidura that we are living in the present and what is going to happen in the future is not known. So let it happen whatever happens. This he told in connection with the war between Kauravas and Pandavas. So destiny can't be changed.
    But thinking this if we sit without doing the things no one will come and feed us. We have to do our efforts always and try for succeeding in all the endeavours we take up. Then only we can say we are doing justice to us.
    But some people say that anything will happen if you want it to happen and you strongly await the same thing to happen. Probably this saying has come to encourage mankind to work without leaving everything to God. Many times before we start any work we pray God to see that the work will be successful. We will do it with a hope that God will see that we will be successful even though we know whatever has to happen will happen.

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    What ever is going to happen it is destined to happen because the God has created this world with great balance sheet and trial balance of income and expenditure which can be said in other ways as to good and bad behavior. If the people are good and law abiding even the God would do good for them. If the people are bad and not following the law nor caring for other will bring the bad things only. Recently I had gone through two videos which is best answer of destiny to this post. Four persons were riding a buffalo driven cart and they are pricking the animal so hard and making huge noises and the buffalo could not exercise control of speed and thus rammed into road median and all the four were thrown out injuring them severely. In second video the pillion rider on a two wheeler kicks a buffalo crossing the road slowly and in that impact both of them skid and injure themselves. So destiny is seen to those who are ignorant.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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