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    Who will monitor whether the street lights are working or not?

    When we are in the night journey on the bus as some of the street lights fail to work as the driver drives the bus with the help of Buses light and even while we are walking at nights we see some of the street lights fail to work who will monitor the Street lights are working or not? Do you think there will be a monitoring system on whether the street lights are working or not? What alternative do you suggest when street lights fail to work? If there is a mechanism for CCTV's are working or not? why don't we have the mechanism to know the Street lights working or not?
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    I think there is a system to monitor the function of street lights. But, at times, the system goes to sleep. Some authorities might think why should there be light while all are at sleep. Some might sell away the bulb and make cash to benefit. It is the duty of residents to lodge a complaint and get it repaired, if not done in a reasonable time. We should wake up the sleeping staff to get the lights ON.
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    @Sun There should be some automated system manual system failed there should be some chip attached to the street light and it should connect through a network so when streetlights fail to work the chip send a signal to a monitoring system that Streetlight with chip number is failed.
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    Despite having such arrangements, the repair work has to be done manually. If the person responsible to monitor the system and repair the light goes to sleep, what is the remedy?

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    @Sun, repairing work should be done manually but monitoring should be done automated and in addition if it is manual monitoring no issues.
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    Usually the local Municipality or Panchayat is responsible for that.
    During my school days there was one particular councillor of our ward who was contnuously winning for many terms. He was an elderly man and bachelor too. He used to visit the full ward everyday, walk by all the roads and small lanes in his ward. In that walk he would check whether the street lights are functioning or not, how the drains are , whether the roads ere cleaned everyday etc etc. He would meet the residents and enquire from them about any problems they face. He will get the feedback.
    Then he will visist the Municipal office and get in touch with the relvant official or Chairman etc and get the issue solved. So at that time he was monitoring whether street lights were working and water taps were okay.

    Now it is quite different. We the residents inform the electricty office if a street light is not working. Their own staff also find and rectify if they find it on their routine repair service or on the job of switching the lights on. Sometimes these are raised in the local newspaper , cable TV and the residents association whatsapp groups. It may be brought to the notice of electricty office or local ward memeber.

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    Who said that the street light whether they are glowing or not were truly monitored through automated system in Telangana . And each colony through which the tuble lights are installed has been installed with timer at the substation which switch on and switch off of the lights automatically. Previously the colony committee used to manage the lighting but there were lapses even during the day the lights were glowing. In fact the TS DISCOM has gone one further step that the main road street lights would switch off automatically alternatively and thus every street light would glow for 5 minutes and switch of automatically so that the next street light would start glowing. By doing so much power has been saved by the state. And there is a team in mobile who look for any repair to the poles or the lights which are not glowing.
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    As 'a considerate' resident It is our responsibility to monitor it as we do in our homes. Why and What is the need of any other system which should alarm us or concerned department that the light of this or that pole is out of order. Can't we bother a bit to take this responsibility ?

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    #697991 If it is a nonresidential area who will take that responsibility.When we are on the night journey on the bus as some of the street lights fail to work as the driver drives the bus with the help of Buses light.
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    Generally the local municipal board or local administration takes care of this and the methodology adopted by them is to inform the electrical section attached for this work. It could be the state electricity board people or electrical section of the local administrative body, whichever the case may be, they would be taking care of that repair. They are equipped with special vans with foldable ladder and mounting for the mechanics to do the repairs or replace the bulb or neon at the top of the the street lights pillars. Most of the places they come when some complaint is given by the local people either by phone or in person and rectify it. Some places they have a manual mechanism also where the staff people routinely check it in night times and then plan for the repairs during next days. I am not aware of any automated system fixed in the pillars which can alarm them about its malfunctioning but in todays technological environment it is not difficult to install that type of alert system in these pillars. This is the ideal case that I have just described. Practical thing is that some of these people are not efficient and escape from their duties and even after knowing that fault is there do not attend it until there is a strong word from their top officers. So the governance in the system is very poor and even after an automated system is there, these problems would remain. System requires a thorough cleaning of these slugs and slackers from it. There are elements who are spoiling the show and the higher ups have no control on them due to whatever reasons.
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    The street lights will be under the administration of the local body. Panchayat or Municipality municipal corporation has to monitor these street lights. There will be a designated person who will be putting on the lights and putting of the lights. He has to see that all the lights are glowing or not. If any repair or replacement is required he has to raise an indent and get it done.
    There are automatic systems these days. There are companies in Hyderabad which are making such systems. The lights will automatically be getting on and off as per the settings in the programme. If any light is not getting on automatically an alert will come in his mobile and he can check that particular light and do the needful.
    The on and off system will work based on the outside lighting and the designing will be done by the concerned manufacturer.

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    In case of territory of a company, the lightening system remains under the supervision of the town administrator. He would ensure that the street lights are in the perfect order and work once the the switches are pressed to on position and the vice versa. The system is streamlined with the allocation of different personnels for each zone. These attendants will ensure that each tube light or the balb glows once they are put in operation. Any fault in the transmission line causing non glow of the bulbs has to be normalised within the minimum time so that the residents of a particular area does not face inconvenience due to the faulty system.
    In case of other locality, it remains under the jurisdiction of the municipal corporation and the lightening system works under his close supervision. He is assisted by a group of local attendants engaged for effective transmission of lights in each point.

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    In cities there are zonal persons looks into this type of work. But the ineffectiveness prevails in some places by lethargy in them. In outskirts living people themselves takes care. Once I stayed in Chitlapakkam,outskirts of Chennai near Tambaram in relative's house. Next day early morning I started moving out. To show me the bus stop my relative, resident of that area accompanied with me. On the way he put off all street lights by his own.

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