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    An analysis of forum participation in ISC

    Forum section is the most vibrant out of all the sections in ISC. Daily some 8-12 posts are being posted by the members on varied subjects. I have an observation regarding the activities of the members in this section. It seems or as per my classification there are some categories of the members in respect of posting as well as responding in this section. First one is those who float their posts and then remain glued to it and interact with members in between. I have not seen them frequently responding to other posts. Second is those who submit their post and respond to other's posts also. Third category is those who only respond to some posts but seldom post the posts. Fourth category is those who respond to almost all the posts. Next one is those who respond in reciprocation that is if you respond to my post I may respond to yours. The last category is those who are very selective and response to a few select posts only. I do not know how much correct my observation is in this regard but what other members feel about this? Please share.
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    You are absolutely right with your observation. May I know, according to your observation, the category I belong to ?

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    You are right I belong to the last category . The last category is those who are very selective and respond to a few select posts only. I sincerely appreciate your observation.
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    I don't know how others feel about me or categorise me.
    I visit the New Posts page first. From the few initial first lines I may be attracted by some. I visit those threads and if I have anything to say on that thread subject, I post my views. Then I visit the Forum index page. I visit the threads which interest me. After reading the thread if I have any view I post my views. But if there is something new for me I learn that and sometimes make further reference to know more. Sometimes by such references I will be visiting many other sites and may get involved in that. So I may forget the forum or by the time my network may fail, power may go off etc. Then I may not be posting much.
    Sometimes I get some subject to raise a thread. I may raise a thread. Subjects like Cinema, Cricket, vehicles and overseas sport and games, etc do not interest me. I do not have technical knowledge and hence cannot write or respond on High end gadgets, software, computer and Smartphone technical etc. Life, lifestyles, philosophy and tradition, human values, day to day politics to some extent, etc interest me.
    Sometimes I fail to notice some good threads also, as they would be down the list and may not come to my notice.Certain days I will be in a mood and may continue to post more responses. Certain days I may be involved in some other matters and may not even login to ISC.
    I don't know in which category I appear to fall in.

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    In your usual analytical way you have given a new dimension to it by adding a new category altogether. Interesting response.

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    The classification of forum posts and the members who are categorized according to the author is true and to be appreciated. What I firmly believe that the forum is made for the interaction on many topics and when each member has 5 posts or more that can be raised over the period of one week, I seldom find very less or nil posts from the members who are active, What I feel that those who raise the post mus be regarded and respected because it gives the ways and means for others to respond with ease. Same way the members should also inculcate the habit of responding to each post no matter they are not familiar or interested but by doing so they are giving a signal to the author that their post is cared. By being selective on responding to threads, if every body follows the same norm then many of the posts would be waiting for single response.
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    Adding to the Categories a Person who will not respond to the other threads but responding to other threads when the author observes he/She is the most reliable or frequent responder to his threads that's why he responds to their threads is also one dimension.A subcategory to the last category.
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    A good analysis. There are some people who participate in the forum section only in case of contests only. Normally they will not participate in any sections but once in a while they post a thread and they participate in the contests. I don't whether we can call them as a separate category.
    I spend a lot of time on the forum section and I will try to respond to all the threads. I will respond to about 90% of the threads. At the same time, I will try to open at least one thread a day. But somedays I will miss that.
    But some responses of the thread are very educative and I read those responses so that I will get new information.

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    Dr Rao:
    Thanks for adding that one. I missed it, though it was a conspicuous one.

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    You haven't responded to my question as to the category to which I belong. However, I would say that I post threads and respond to threads that are interesting to me. I read all the responses carefully and counter if required. I almost exhaust my quota of 15 threads during a week.

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    That is some wonderful observation! We just participate in the forum but you have categorized our participation with such minute and detailed observation! If you do not mind, may I know which category I belong to? I am so curious to know.
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    My idea of floating this thread was just to start a feeling among the members and realisation that various types of patterns people have been exhibiting while contributing in the forum section which is incidentally the most vibrant and active out of all the section. It is not my prerogative to categorise individual members in these categories. I think you very well know your category that you are an active member and in addition to floating many posts in a month you also responds to many of them floated by other members. So, thanks for helping me out.

    As I mentioned above, it was not the purpose of thread to categorise each and every member as after reading the post one can easily find out his pattern. My idea was to amuse people rather than pinpointing their individual pattern.
    Coming to your request, conspicuously, I am seeing you attending to posts selectively and if you are a student, it makes sense. Even otherwise if you are in a job it makes more sense as you have to concentrate for your career. We are retired people and can spare more time here. But remember, if you have a passion for writing and want to improve then spare a little time more here and believe me, you would be benefited. You are already doing good and I have seen your work and believe me, you have lot more potential.

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