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    Why are not the world-class economists not listened to?

    The entire world has sat up and taken notice of the worst-ever humanitarian crisis in India, after Independence. Granting that the virus is a real pandemic, it is the duty of the Central and State Governments to at least provide the basic minimum right to live. Since the migrants are not able to find jobs in the places they were normally employed in, they naturally wanted to go back to their native places. This was not at all managed properly. The Karnataka State Chief Minister was absolutely arrogant when he cancelled the scheduled trains to the North Indian destinations since he wanted to please the real estate lobby. No one would have bothered if the migrants had been taken care of well and provided decent food and at least makeshift accommodation.

    It never stopped here. The world-class economists like Dr.Abhijit Bannerjee, the Nobel prize winner, Dr Raghuram Rajan and Dr Jayathi Ghosh from the JNU, have repeatedly said that the only way to manage this humanitarian crisis is to give the migrants temporary ration cards and give them the rations and also give them direct cash transfers, with the help of their Aadhar cards, for a few months. The Government of India has refused to listen to this sane advice. Instead, a so-called 20 lakh crore package has been announced, and the direct benefits to the poor is hardly one per cent of the GDP.

    The Government of India should listen to the world's best economists.
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    Who said that the government has not taken action on migrant and to which it need not wait for any renowned world economists to give tips and ideas. PM Modi has announced the cash payment of 1500 per month per migrant and that would be transferred to the bank account which had Aadhaar linking and also given free rations to the migrants who have shown their ration cards. Unfortunately most of the migrants have kept the ration cards at the their native home and working somewhere else. Even then the TS govt gave rations to all migrants and apart from it many NGO's social service organizations helped a lot to mitigate the problems of migrants. But once the opposition parties raised hue and cry regarding insecurity in future, the migrants started moving on foot, cycle and thus made the things bad to worst.
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    Author has given good point that Govt should listen to the eminent people in the society. In this regard, I think that every Govt listens to the world class economists and many times accepts their ideas and incorporates them in its policies. There is absolutely no doubt on that front. What the scholars and eminent people talk is the fact and given a choice every one would like to do that or follow that. Unfortunately, there is always a gap between the theory and the implementation and that is the real challenge for any Govt. Economic experts would give their ideas immediately on call, experts would give their opinion in minutes, scholars would give ideas for progress of nation instantaneously but when it comes to implementation then we all see towards each other as if I have nothing to do and you implement it. So, under this situation one Govt might do better than the other but until there is a good team below and strict governance is there to get work done, nothing better is going to happen.
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    K. Mohanji:

    You are advised to see international media also, hope you will get enormous good information about what is happening in and around our country- e.g. Bangladesh, our neighbouring country, has given 12,000 TAKA to their poor citizens and the value of taka and rupee is more or less equal.

    What you've said about Rs 1500/, yes this amount is coming in 3 installments (500/ per month for 3 months) to the zero balance account holders only.

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    The government has given Rs.1500/- + Free rice and dal to the people who are below the poverty line and who stay in their own states. For example, I have a white ration card in Telangana and I stay in Telangana I was given the above benefit. They have given this for a month. So far they have distributed three times to all the people who have those ration cards.
    For migrant workers who don't have any way to live in provided and food and other facilities also. Now they are arranging trains to go to their native places and the expenditure for going will be to the account of the State Government. But when there are many people and they have to be shifted a lot of work is to be carried out and that might have delayed the shifting process. AP and Telangana have seen that all the migrants will be shifted properly.
    In India, the main problem is we want everything to be provided by the government. The population is very high and it is a big task to see that the benefits will reach the deserved properly. Many politicians try to swallow the money and that is creating the problem.

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    The problem with the public is that it expects too much from the Govt. People want that in one day all the unemployment in the country should be mitigated and India should become the top manufacturing country in the world. It is only a wishful thinking. We have seen the condition of our country in last 70 years and must realise that at least some good changes are now taking place. Just by listening to the knowledgeable people would not help. We have to send our unemployed youths to factories and industries for work. Our children are pursuing all sort of degrees but there are no commensurate jobs and we feel it degrading to send them to the lower level jobs. There is no dignity of work. Giving good suggestions and telling brighter schemes is easy but to implement them is difficult. My observation is that if we cooperate the present Govt can do a lot of progressive works for the development of the country.
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    In our country, there are too many problems. It's true that the migrant workers have suffered a lot and the top court has given its ruling on the issue. It's the responsibility of both the central and the state governments to look after the welfare of the migrant workers. The author has mentioned in the thread about the suggestions of the economists like providing the migrants temporary ration cards, direct cash transfer etc. The suggestions are good but is it feasible at this moment to provide every migrant worker with a temporary ration card? The process of issuing such documents need some time and it is much easier and essential to provide everyone with free ration at this moment which many are doing. They need cash to survive but if it is directly transferred to their account they have to withdraw it by some means. The process will be more complex because to withdraw money they need to stand in a queue somewhere. Our country has a huge population and it is not so easy to manage the population. The need of the hour is to provide them with relief and to look after their well-being. The entire migrant labour force can be clustered in each state or district and some officials can be entrusted to look after them by physically visiting them to enquire about their needs. The rest like transfer funds to their accounts or providing them temporary cards may be done later when the situation becomes somewhat better.

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