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    Why Telangana is succeeding in water projects while A.P is lagging behind?

    In the past Telangana is the region where many localities are drought prone due to water scarcity. Politicians and people used to think it is impossible to overcome the water scarcity due to its geographical location of its water resources. Similarly in A.P. region in Rayalaseema zone the same situation is prevailing. After bifurcation of combined A.P. state into Telangana and Andhra, CM KCR of Telangana constructed many water projects in very short time. So now because of these water projects the crop production of Telangana has increased drastically and people are able to get drinking water facility. Today he inaugurated Kondapochamma Sagar project where water brought from 250 km. away from Godavari river is stored in this project. This project has a storing capacity of 15 TMC and will supply water to 3.5 lakhs hectares land and help to provide drinking water to Hyderabad. I think it is the sheer determination and interest of KCR helping Telangana to prosper with water projects. Rayalaseema people of AP from decades onwards facing severe drought conditions because of lack water facility. But a leader like KCR is required for these people to fulfill their life long dream in AP. KCR proved that if there is a will there is a way even in any extreme conditions.
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    This mainly depends on the sincerity of the Chief Minister and the concerned Minister. When Chandra Babu was there as Chief Minister, he made good efforts to complete the Polavaram. That might have changed the face of Andhra Pradesh. Naidu also carried out merging of Krishna and Godavari rivers and he received appreciations for that. But unfortunately, the people of AP made Jagan as Chief Minister. He has no voice before the Central government or even with KCR. He is silent even though Telangana is making projects against the rules and regulations.
    In Hyderabad I have not seen any difference in water supply Before KCR and now. We are receiving alternative day water only and I heard now they may reduce that frequency. They may do it twice a week. Another important point to be noted is the propaganda KCR doing is very high. For a little achievement also full paper advertisements are there. When Harish Rao was the concerned Minister very good work was done. But he was sidelined. Why? No idea?

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    By the way let me congratulate our CM KCR for having achieved one more milestone in the history of great water project by inaugurating and dedicating the Kondapochamma project to the nation. The main plank of TRS coming to power for two times in on Neelu, Needhulu and Niyamakalu, that means water, finance and the jobs. On all the three great fundamentals through which TRS has been fighting for separate state was achieved so far. One after other big projects are constructed without even waiting for central assistance or nod. And what KCR has done need to be appreciated by the country and the world because he was diverting the water which was either to running towards the ocean and thus by diverting its course of route and storing huge water and then pumped through giant pumps to the parched lands of North Telangana which never had the water projects.
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    I think water is not only one criterion to cultivate the land there are many other criteria for cultivation. In that one is the fertility of the soil is also important we cannot grow crops in barren lands and I think Telangana has got more barren lands(not all). Let's wait and see KCR can succeed in making the barren lands to fertile lands by pouring water in those lands. Because we have a subject in statistics in that we have one lesson called Agricultural statistics in that there are many factors involved in yielding the crops based on that I commented on this thread.
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    Major projects cannot be completed overnight. Before comparing we should know the status of these projects at the time of bifurcation of the old AP State. These projects might have been ongoing then. Now they got completed.

    KCR is definitely a deft and clever politician. He was nourishing his place in the Telengana region before bifurcation. He had all vision and plans with him. So he was quick to be on the job. It was necessary for his survival and sustenance.

    KCR did not antagonise the Central Government nor provoke them unlike Rao, and now Jagan. KCR was balancing the local interests and his relation with Centre. Bifurcation became favourable for Telengana with the infrastructural support and revenue income already existing. He had good ground support also from his people to do anything he wanted to do without any hindrance.

    Jagan appears to be revengeful and egocentric. He lacks vision and forethought. He tries only short cut acts to be on the limelight always. He does not show the qualities of a sustaining benevolent leader.with substance. If he continues the same way, he will lose sympathy from Centre, lose support of bureaucracy, and from unbiased ordinary people also.

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    Jagan is more a selfish leader and wants that everything should go as he thinks and his maturity levels are less. He is trying to please people by giving money to some section of people. He is not even caring for the verdicts of the court. High Court has given a ruling saying that English medium can't be made compulsory and the choice should be given to the student or parents. But still, he is thinking of going for his thoughts only. Same is the case with colours to the government buildings. Now the case with SEC. Like this many failures and now I think AP will be in the top of the list when it is written in alphabet order only. Otherwise, it will be at the bottom of the list in all other aspects.
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