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    Simply planning does not mean that we have done it

    Modern management practices emphasise for good planning practices and it is believed that if a plan is good then only the implementation would be excellent. So far so good. In real life things do not work like that. Eminent and scholarly people make plans but these plans either do not see the light of the day or if executed are not implemented in a proper way because the Govt machinery is not so much efficient and precise. For example monsoon is coming and the drains are to be cleaned before that but it does not happen because of the lethargy and incompetence in the system. Actually speaking, why should we wait to clean the drains for so long. They can be cleaned in the winter itself sometime from October to next year February. Sufficient labour and manpower was available for that at that time. Why we wait for it so long that the rain starts and we are not even the halfway of this type of work. This is only one example but it is happening in many areas and that is the reason that in spite of having a large work force in our country our work output is miserable. What is the feeling of members in this regard?
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    Planning can be done. But implementation is very difficult. We will try left and right by sitting in a car but the driver will his own problems in driving. He has to manage so many things.
    You can take a pen and a pare and make a road map. But implementing that plan is the essence. The pen will write as you like. But human beings will not be like that. They will have their own brains and making them follow the exact instructions is a herculean task. He will never do want you to want. He will definitely add his own thoughts and the problems will start there.
    Many projects fail in implementation only. I have been observing this in many projects. The delay is mainly due to human mistakes and laziness. Another issue is that in planning many will never consider the difficulties that come in execution.

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    A goal without a plan is just a wish.In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable. Planning needs to be done afterward the execution should also be perfect otherwise simply planning will not lead any fruitful result.
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    It's true. While planning is important, it has to be executed properly. Also while making a plan, it has to be seen that it remains executable. If there are a lot of difficulties in execution, then it can be said that either the plan needs to be modified or the project has to be abandoned. While making a plan a feasibility study of the entire project has to be carried out. Just making a plan without thinking of its executability can be a wastage. The author has given a good example of the cleaning of the drainage system before the monsoon. While it's important to clean the drainage system the authorities must also find ways so that the entire drainage systems remain covered. If it is not covered then there is the high chance of people dumping garbages inside the drains. By keeping it covered, the frequency of cleaning the drains may be reduced to some extent. While making a plan, there are many things that have to be considered to make it effective.

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    Yes. For this a story is there. Once in a field crops got ready for harvest. Amidst the crops a sparrow lived with her little ones in a nest. The mother sparrow told the littles that they should get ready to flew away as the harvest may take place at any day but it asked them to wait. A man came there with his son to see the crops. Father told son,'crops are ready tomorrow we will get paid coolies and finish the harvest.' By hearing this littles urged mother told next day would happen nothing. Next day they came again and father told his son,'paid coolies demand more, no use believing them.Tomorrow early morning we come with our house people and finish the harvest'. By hearing this the littles stared mother. Mother bird said,'ok we will move as they start by own the harvest will be on tomorrow.' Mere planning does not bring fruit. Our spiritual Guru used to tell by mere seeing cookery books we cannot quench hungry similar to that without practicing as told by Guru one cannot succeed in his goal by mere attending Guru speeches.

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    A project has many components. It requires budget or funds, it requires a plan, it requires adequate manpower, it requires continuous monitoring, it requires mid term corrections, it requires good implementation etc. So for a project just a conceptualisation would not do. For successful completion, it is necessary that all the elements should be available in proper shape so that all are amalgamated to give out the necessary results. Anywhere if some lack is there the project would fail miserably. I have seen projects lying midway due to limited funds. I have also seen projects failing because of bad or poor implementation. Each and every component of the project is equally important.
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    All plans may not be perfect and may not be implemented a planned. But a plan is needed to implement any project or work, however small of big it is.
    It is only with a plan and target and deadline that we can know how it is progressing. By review in that we can do the necessary changes to complete the proper implementation even with some delay.
    In the related case of cleaning the drains, there is no use cleaning the drain s too early. As most of the public drains are open drains partially or fully solid waste get into it continuously, many times being deliberately dumped by people. So the cleaning can be most effective only when they are cleaned just before the rains start.
    For spending public money there are many procedural stages due to which the actual implementation also gets delayed. The funds are allotted in the annual budgeted and the local body's financial position and availability also effects these works. Of course for any problem there can be proper solutions only if sincerely attempted.

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