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    How to connect adsense account to ISC sister sites?

    Yesterday, I have logged in This is one of ISC's sister sites. I faced a problem in attaching my Adsense account to it because new features were updated in google Adsense. Now, there is no option to add multiple sites to google Adsense immediately. When I logged into my AdSense account, I go in search of "site authorization". But, it could not be found there, instead, I find this option in 'sites'. Here, I add the URL of studyvillage website. But, AdSense needs to fix problems before showing ads. It asks to paste the Html information somewhere in studyvillage website. This is new to me. If anyone in ISC members aware of it, please mention and resolve my problem through a clear explanation. I think that it may be useful for other members who use Adsense account.
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    If you have an Adsense account then there is a box in StudyVillage site where you can enter it and up to that point myself and some other members have done the linking (if Adsense considers it as linking as that part is not clear to us). Meanwhile I tried to add the StudyVillage site in my Adsense account page but I could not do it. We have raised this problem in forum section there in StudyVillage and if you get time please go through that post where Mr Mohan has given some example also. We have requested the webmaster to guide us in this matter and let us wait for words from his side.
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    K N Charyulu,

    As per my knowledge if you have a hosted account, then you cannot earn through AdSense from sister sites. Please check your main AdSense account if it is mentioned in the top right-hand corner as a "hosted account". The new policy was implemented by Google some years back. Please refer -

    So, in order to upgrade your account to a non-hosted one, you can set up your own site, put up good quality content on a consistent basis, and then submit that site for a review by the AdSense team. On approval, you will then get to earn from that site and from any other blog/site that you contribute at, including the sister sites of ISC. You could check out this experience and get some useful tips on upgrading to a non-hosted account.

    I will inquire with Tony Sir if the information that I have provided here is correct.

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    This new approach by Google does not work with ISC sister sites as of now. If you are not associated with the ISC sister sites already, Google won't be approving your account without completing the process. We will support such integration inn future but not now.
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