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    Are you not a great singer- at least for 15 minutes ?

    Are you a talented singer? Have you shown your talent to the world? Have you ever performed stage show? Whether or not you have talent of singing, not to worry as it isn't mandatory, rather, being fond of singing is essential that urges to sing.

    However, one thing is sure that somehow you find the way to sing, not necessarily before the public or on stage- at least in the small room where nobody comes, even your wife- let alone others. Here you have hundred percent privacy as it's your fundamental right. You are free to sing by your own way reason is that here the mind is calm and the heart is happy. This tension-proof place is called bathroom. Here the heart feels like singing effortlessly because the voice bounces back and forth before it dies out, it makes you feel that your voice is as melodious as of great singers of past and present like Muhammed Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Kumar Shanu, Arijit Singh or Mohit.

    Are you not a bathroom singer ?
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    Whether we are good at singing or not, one thing is certain that most of us are bathroom singers. Whether we sing filmy songs or religious chantings the element of singing is there. A song brings in us a feeling of freshness and soothing. It could be a happy song or some old sad song all of them evoke fine sentiments in us. Listening to music or singing it is sometimes compared with the deep prayers offered to the Almighty and then be in sync with Him. The chanting of mantras or couplets from religious books is nothing but a sort of manifestation of music only. The flow and melody in music is the nectar of our life and is like a little rivulet flowing through the changing landscapes.
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    No. I am not a bathroom singer. I don't want to copy the other singers and sing their songs. I have my own voice to sing. I sing as SuN. Why should I sing like Rafi, Mukesh or Kishore of north or TMS or SBS of south? I compose my own song and sing it. I composed a very few devotional songs and sung it in the public. I enjoy my own creations than others. My family enjoys my songs. God has given me the ability to write and sing. Of course, I copy the tune of others as I am not a musician.
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    Singing comes just like that for anyone. Music is liked by all. However not all are endowed with pleasing voice or by music talent. However we all hum a song, whistle a tune with or without reason. Sometimes we do it to avoid boredom, loneliness or just feeling happy comfortable. Bathroom is one place of privacy where we feel comfortable to sing or talk to ourselves. In bathroom we are the performer, listener and critic.
    I do sing in bathroom. I have also participated in singing competitions in school. I had participated and presented songs in our office events, and celebrations and some community gatherings etc. I have not become a Jesudas or like because my voice is not so musical and sweet through a mike unlike in its originality.

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    True. Everybody will definitely sing something or other when they are in the bathroom. Music is very interesting and everyone will like the same. Even a kid will also like music and even snakes also like music. This is what many people say. Some like singing and some like hearing the songs. I belong to the second category. I like hearing but I can't sing. But when I am in a happy mood I will be humming some songs or reciting some Telugu poems when I am alone and silently working on my laptop. Many times I will be humming when I am alone. Definitely, I sing when I am in the bathroom
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    Many people have singing as a hobby. They practice singing and present it in public also. All of them are not good in singing but some have a gifted voice and they sing nicely and audience likes them. Everyone cannot become a singer but everyone can sing to himself while working or walking and it really helps in bringing the mood to happiness and bliss.
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    For that matter everyone of us are a singer in many ways. Some may sing as the lullabies for the child to sleep and the mothers are great singers, the children would sing the ad jingles appearing on the television and they would ape them perfectly and they are also singers. Some of us do make some song rendition inside the bath room when we are having the bath. Some times the bath room singers are noticed by the real musicians and given the chance. And all bathroom singers may not make to singing and that is simply time pass because each one of us like the songs and we do not know how to sing fully. Why we hesitate to go for any competition or shows to sing because, we do not know the basics of singing like, the rhythm notes, how the song be started, the timing of song and the music and above all knowing the full song without seeing it and we fail.
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    Ofcourse I am not a great singer but I sing atleast 15 minutes or more. Music is come everyone naturally. Some people are singing very well and go ahead in the music world as their passion. But some people sing like hobby and feel give us relaxation for every situation.when we happy we like to listen happy and beats of song. While when we sad we are like to learn something sad songs then we egnore beats of songs we noticed the lyrics of the song and relate with us .In our society every situation have song like religious, wedding, birthday,sad, happy infact each season ,every day and every month.I am not a good singer but I like to sing.I like my costoms and festival songs. And I usually sing while I know, I am not good at singing.sometime it creates problems for listener who listen my beautiful and unbeatable song. But I don't care, what's people consider about me.when I am happy I sing loudly. And when I am sad I feel the lyrics of sad songs. After listening and singing song I feel very lightly and reliable. So I like to sing and listen the songs.

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