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    Revival of tension between India and China- what might be the reasons?

    After the Coronavirus, possibly from China, now we are having increased tension with China on our borders. What might be the reason for this revival? Is it the existing issues or are there any new issues between India and China for the growing tension in our borders? Reports suggest political as well as economic grounds. What do you feel? Can we have an analytical discussion?

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    Border disputes between India and China is nothing new and have been there for a long time now. There have been diplomatic and military dialogues taking place almost annually but the borders are yet to be fixed. Both the countries are still holding on to the Line of Control and at the same time maintaining claims about certain regions as belonging to them. It would not be out of place to say that the differences have been, at times, used politically to divert public attention by both the countries. I don't foresee any war between India and China in the offing though, in the present scenario, the motive of the political leaderships in both the countries would be to keep the borders smouldering.
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    I read somewhere that China issued a statement saying that they will not go for a war with India. Any problems are there, they said that they can be sorted out by discussions. Japan, USA, Russia and some other countries openly supported India and said that they will support India in case of any war between India and China. This may be the main reason for the change in the attitude of China, I feel. The international relations the present government is maintaining might have paid the dividends. That only helped various countries to give such statements.
    The whole world is living with Corona problem. So in this juncture, nobody might be really interested in going for a war.

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    India and China stand off during this pandemic was uncalled for and yet India has taken immediate action to mobilize the required forces along the LAC and the tension build a war like situation between the two countries which even prompted the US to volunteer and said that it is ready to mediate to defuse the tension. But India and China knows their ability and strength and also has the courage and pride to keep others out of reach to meddle with their internal affairs. While China has declined any intervention from US, India also said that the dialogues were on through diplomatic and military levels and thus the situation is now under the control from both sides. One thing is sure no country wants war like situation when the entire world is in state of shock over the pandemic situation and therefore good sense must prevail from both sides to keep status quo.
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    China always had an aggressive and expansionist policy and we have seen how it took Tibet and annexed it. China would always try to take a piece of land from the neighbours if it gets an opportunity to do so. Time to time they announce that up to this or that part in India belongs to them. But today China is also cautious. Under the dynamic leadership of our present PM, India is not going to tolerate any nuisance by China in this regard and China knows this thing fully well and that is why it is telling that it would talk with India rather than fight.
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    Adam Ni, director of the China Policy Centre based in Canberra, Australia, said ''Both the countries have an interest in maintaining peace since they are facing domestic challenges.''

    Ni said ''Beijing has plenty of issues to deal with, such as Hong Kong, Xinjiang, and economic recovery - as well as its relationship with the US, which has taken a confrontational turn - to just a name a few. So it does not need another confrontation at this point in time,"

    In the light of the abovesaid it can be concluded that the war isn't imminent in near future.

    But why our media is silent on this serious matter is rather surprising, whereas Chinese media is vocal and giving latest update to the people.

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    Since 1962, after the Indo-China conflict, no party that came to power took any initiative to sort out the Indo-China border dispute. It is more than a half-century-old issue pending for settlement. No one bothered. We all were worried about Pakistan but not China. This is not the first time that China is deploying its troops on the border. It happened in the past too. China is taking advantage of the prevailing pandemic to grab some land from India by creating a war-like situation. If at all there is a war, all the world nations will support India. That's not going to happen. Efforts are ON to settle the issue amicably through bilateral talks without any mediation by a third country. Both the countries refused to accept the offer of the US President's mediation to defuse the tension. We have the strength to face war against China, if unavoidable.
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    I don't think there will be a war between the two countries if at all there is a war Why India will ask a loan to China and How China Will accept to give a loan?! Is the Million dollar question? As somebody like Sun(the author) is telling they are two different things I won't agree with that. If they are two different things means it will be like this "A person slaps on one cheek with one hand and on the other hand, he will feed biryani in your mouth".
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    Money lending and money borrowing is a business to improve the economy. Border tension is a strained and tainted relationship between the countries.

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    @Sun I will ask a straight question to you. Suppose you have a business competitor or enemy (you two are running the same business) now your enemy is in trouble he is in loss with his business as he wants to take a loan and expand his business to recover from the losses or to gain the momentum so he asks you to give the money for a loan? Will you give the money to him? The answer is straight No.Unless you are innocent and ignorant.
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    I'm unsuccessfully trying to suss out the depth of your view that entire world will help India. Will you elucidate it ?

    I think these big powers of the world which are the manufacturers of weapons would be pleased to sell their products to India if war breaks out.

    Anyways, I think India doesn't need help of any country. It's capable enough to defend itself.

    By the way, just for your information that China loans more money to the world than the richest 32 nations.
    Between 2000 and 2017, the world's debt obligations to China rose from $500bn to a staggering $5 trillion - about six percent of the world's economic output - according to the Kiel Institute for the World Economy.
    Researchers also found that China and its subsidiaries have lent $1.5 trillion directly to 150 nations - making China the world's biggest creditor, overtaking the IMF and World Bank. It has also made unreported loans worth $200bn.

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    In simple, One day China would say - "You owe me so much. If you are unable to pay, do what I say". We cannot predict what would be the situation in the future. The days are not far away. World war III has already begun with the nations fighting against the Chinese virus. China emerges as the winner. While the world suffers, China enjoys. While the death toll in China is only 3000+, the death toll around the world is 370000. It is a silent war without firing the guns, tanks, rockets and missiles. The world nations are against China, and would support India morally, in the event of a war between India and China.
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    After the release of Coronavirus intentionally or unintentionally, China feels that they have conquered the entire world and thinks that they can do anything they want. The attempt to intrude into India's territory is one such attempt after the COVID attack around the world. Since the US is in great trouble and got paralysed due to pandemic, China feels great and shows its supremacy.
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    There is a long history behind the strained relation between China and India. If we examine we find that behind it the main reason is China's expansionist policy. If we recall, in 1951, China took control of Tibet and allowed it to be administered under the autonomous administration under Dalai Lama. That was how China managed the gradual swallowing of the Tibetan plateau and finally made it an integral part of China. Seeing those developments, in 1959, the 14th Dalai Lama fled to the nearest host country India as India had a reputation of giving shelter to all such people who are in exile from their mainland, and can settle here. In fact he proclaimed that the Central Tibetan Administration is still under him and he would control it remotely from India. It is amusing to note that a high ranking person who could not protect his country from the clutches of China, how can he administer it remotely. Anyway, China has got full control over Tibet now and that gives him a strategic geographical platform to fight or confront with India easily. This is high time that world Govt should join hands and ask China to vacate Tibet and hand over it to the Lamas and then send the tibetan refugees sitting in India back to their country.
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    #698307 and #698325, let us be very clear that no country will join either India or China without due deliberation and planning. Unconditional support may come in from some unexpected quarters but let us not fall for the mutual flattery of Trump and Modi. I am sure that the USA will be the first to ease out of the situation in a very diplomatic manner. It is not yet time to forget the stand taken by the US in our effort to become a member of the UN Security Council.

    The differences between India and China will continue at varying levels from time to time but neither of them will opt for war. And if by any chance, war becomes inevitable, India should fire the first bullet if we want to gain an upper hand.

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    A former IAS and now a politician and a founder of Loksakthi party Jaya Prakash Narayan clearly state that China will emerge as a clear winner if a war happens. Nobody can able to touch China because they are far ahead of all the countries. I completely concur with Umesh's arguments and add to that even with India supported the Bangladesh separation from Pakistan that resulted in the Kashmir issue.
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    Bhushan, firstly it is Lok Satta party and the individual you have named is Jaya Prakash Narayana. Coming to the point, is this gentleman you quoted, an authority in this issue? Leave alone this gentleman, I am sure most of us, except maybe a few from the Telugu region, has not even heard about this party. These kinds of issues need to be discussed with the required seriousness if our intention is to widen our knowledge base.

    Coming to the Kashmir issue, let me say that it was not a byproduct of the 1971 war. It was there long before, right from the time of partition. Yes, terrorism and intrusions might have found a boost after Bangladesh but that is again a different issue.

    We should understand that our relations with China is different from the one we have with Pakistan. If India and China have, for whatever reasons, preferred bilateral dialogues, the modus-operandi in the case of Indo-Pak relations and interactions were always different.

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    #698355 He is an IAS. A former Indian public administrator, well known for his role in electoral reforms and the Right to Information (RTI) act. He has also written columns in Indian newspapers, such as Times of India, The Economic Times, Financial Express, The Hindu and Eenadu, and hosted television shows covering elections and politics such as "Pratidhwani" (Telugu), and also acts as a mentor to Vision India Foundation.
    He served in the National level too..
    the National Advisory Council (NAC) for the implementation of the National Common Minimum Programme (CMP), July 2004 through August 2006
    Vigilance Advisory Council, constituted by the Central Vigilance Commission, November 2004
    Second Administrative Reforms Commission constituted by the Government of India in September 2005
    National Rural Health Mission of India Task Force, 2005 to 2007.

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