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    Someone who is IT-savvy, please write a couple of articles

    I have never had an IT background, though my two children, who are not with me now, have a very good IT background. For even the most basic things, I have to ask someone. In these days, even that is not possible, as there will be no one in a mood to answer queries.

    I found it difficult to even understand how to use HTML tags in the beginning. But Vandana Madam took it on herself to educate me, more like a kindergarten child. Today, I have clocked 460 odd articles, but the new virus problem or whatever is giving me trouble. For example, I do not know how to insert the scrip (I have used the rectangular snipping tool to save it as a Word file), into this thread.

    Those who are IT-savvy, please do write a couple of articles on all such simple IT-applications on how to navigate such small issues in ISC. It will do everyone a world of good.
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    AB Sivakumar,

    If you use the search box, you will find that there are already some useful articles to help you with regard to such things like HTML tags, submitting content, etc. I also think the Help Topics comprehensively cover such aspects as well. The problems faced by members, such as the partly-covered page of your article's draft, are issues that can be raised via forum thread to be solved individually since they are specific problems. At the most, a list of FAQs may be helpfully put up as an add-on to an article that may cover some related problems and how to resolve them.

    And don't worry about getting muddled and confused. Basically we are at the KG level only at ISC for most of our journey as we are constantly learning or relearning something (this concept reminds me of Venkiteswaran's interesting forum thread).

    [Footnote - kindly place threads in the correct category and re-check after submission what is in the title and the text; you had put ZIT in the title for example. Avoid needless use of words like 'too' such as 'too IT-savvy'. The title has been tuned appropriately.]

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    We are using html tags in articles and other places for links etc. There are many articles, Ask Experts posts in ISC where it is explained how to use html tags. I have been benefitted by them in past. I have found some interesting ones in this context but there are many if one searches for them in ISC thoroughly. Some of these are -

    How to use html tags.

    What are html tags?

    How to insert numbers and bullets in articles?

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    ABSivakumar I understood your problem if you face such difficulties I will suggest one good thing for you so that you can resolve your problem if you follow ISC for these type of problems I don't have any objection but if you go youtube and type your problem with video you will get the information anything which is visualize will have more impact for a good learner.
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    You made an interesting point which I will raise as a forum topic, but note that if there is a problem specifically related to an ISC feature (like the thread AB Sivakumar raised about his article's draft), then no YouTube video is going to be able to help. It is the ISC community and the admin. here which will likely help out.

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    When I joined ISC, I had many problems with my html formatting especially in the articles and I was seeing people giving links so easily to other places in ISC, I always thought when I would be able to do that. It looked so fascinating to just click on a link and go flying to other resources. Slowly with the help of earlier articles, Ask Experts questions etc, I got the details of the ways they are to be used and once I found their power then it was a regular feature for me to use them in my posts, articles, contest entries etc. So, what I want to emphasise is that there are thousands of resources in ISC and believe me most of them are full of valuable content and we can learn a variety of things from them. Only problem is to take some pain in searching them through the search box and once a person devotes that time I am sure that he would get a plethora of information strewn there regarding so many subjects including html. I do not have any intention to praise ISC, but there were instances when I was not getting a proper reply to some queries and even internet was giving different views then I got some good points in old Ask Experts questions stored in ISC. Our house is full of treasures and we have to explore it before moving to outside territories.
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