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    YouTube v/s Tik Tok - Which one is the best platform ?

    The most controversial issue in India at this moment running over the internet is " YouTube v/s Tik Tok". This topic come in frame when a famous tiktoker Amir siddiqui posted a video on his Instagram , saying that the youtuber makes cringe video and make video on the same topic.

    After this many youtubers roast Amir siddiqui and Tiktok too. This topic become viral when the famous Youtuber " Carry Minati" uploaded a video " YouTube v/s TikTok - The End ", currently this video is taken down by the YouTube.

    What you think , Which is the best paltform and why?
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    I enjoy both youtube and tik tok. I cannot differentiate and comment on this. Youtube is old tik tok is new. Certain tik tok videos that I watched were excellent.
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    Well for me YouTube is best which have some meaningful content whereas Tiktok have nothing like that , it is just like mockery of popular dialogues and songs . Present generations are getting attracted more to TikTok which is not at all good thing which even does not have any censorship too. Most recent developments even showing that Tiktok videos encouraging harassment against women and cruelty against animals. In YouTube we cant find these kind of things and maximum videos do have a content and meaningful presentation .
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    I think both are not comparable. Youtube is a multi-discipline platform. You can have varieties of videos and you will get good information and knowledge by watching various videos here. A housewife can cook a dish by seeing a video on Youtube without any problem. On Youtube, you will find many useful videos.
    Tiktok is a simple platform where we see an imitation of others and simply a mockery of others. The videos what I have seen on Tiktok are only limited to imitation somebody in singing or dancing. I have not seen good videos on this platform and no useful videos also.

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    I think both have different business concepts behind their working. Youtube is a very big platform where all sort of videos are available and some of them are very educative and full of knowledge. Tik Tok on the other hand is basically for short small duration funny videos and is very popular among the students and younger generation.
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    Both Youtube and Tiktok supports the video version of our own creations, it is invariably seen that short videos with crisp editing and has some wide reach within few seconds are preferred to be loaded on the Tiktok, whereas the Youtube has been designed to take huge volume of video and that is the reason being so even movies are posted on the Youtube. But one thing Youtube is strict on spamming. That means one should not copy the same song or video and post in another name. However one can use the same song or music but presented in different way. Spamming is playing crucial role in the internet and the big channels are very particular about own and creative video. And those who spam others creation has no place in both the platforms. But I feel Tiktok gained more importance and acceptance within the youth.
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