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    Is it possible for ticket vending machines for the city bus stops?

    As there is always a dispute between the passenger and conductor for a change when buying a ticket and also there are some people who travel without taking a ticket in an overcrowded bus so the conductor may not reach a particular passenger(who wants to buy a ticket) this will have a negative impact in the revenue for the government. If we have Ticket vending machines for Metro rail stations why not a ticket vending machines at least in major bus stops or crowded routes? Is it possible for ticket vending machines for the city bus stops? Having a day pass, monthly pass, and yearly pass if we add a ticket vending machine at the bus stops as we can slowly reduce or completely take off the conductor job out on the bus.
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    Even if you introduce a ticket vending machine at the bus stops, a check on passengers boarding the bus is very essential. Such a check of tickets would consume time and delay the bus departure. Instead of a ticket vending machine, we can position a person to issue tickets at the crowded bus stops , and he can regulate the passengers to board the buses.

    Alternatively, we need to modify the entry and exit doors like in the metros, to have the proper check of tickets. This won't be feasible to have it in buses. Else the bus stop should be in an enclosed area where such entry and exit gates will help to have a passenger check. This is also not possible as we have too many bus stops on a route.

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    Even the Metro stops in Hyderabad have exact stops as where the Bus stops in Metro stop we have a ticket vending machine and a man for issuing the tickets. If we have ticket vending machines at Bus stops and tickets and we can position a person to issue tickets at the crowded bus stops there will be some reduction or deduction of conductor bus employees on the bus.
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    In metro stations, we have gates only when we show the ticket. Metros the route is well-known and tickets will be issued to those stations only. But in bus stands providing these entry gates is a big problem. Either manual gates or automatic gates are also difficult and introduce and maintain, I feel. There are many bus stand where we can entre in many roots and there is no single entrance. so practically introducing gates is very difficult.
    Without proper restrictions, if we use these vending machines, there should be a check near the entrance of the bus and the person as to stand at the entrance of the bus and check the ticket of the person getting into the bus. Again it is time-consuming. If that check is not there many people will get into the bus without a ticket and travel without any ticket.
    I think at this stage introducing such a system is very difficult. But nothing is impossible. There may be a way to do it. But the expenses required are also to be thought off.

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    When Railway stations are having these vending machines then what prevents us to have them in major or main bus stops where sufficient canopy is available to protect them from the rain. I think it can be done and would be very successful also.
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    Ticket vending machine concept suggested by the author cannot suit the local buses in many cities. as the buses need to go through the busy routes and many passenger would be embarking and boarding. In Trains only such vending machines are helpful as the trains would not stop at short distances and stop only at the designated stations to which the passengers wants to travel. Moreover the future bus services would be restricted to 15 to 20 passengers per bus and in that case the driver would be given the ticket vending machine which is automatic and the driver need not worry about change as the rates fixed would be in rounded rupees. Nevertheless the author made good suggestion and those who are unemployed can be given a chance to vend the ticket at designated en route bus stops for the benefit of passengers.
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    A railway station is far different from a bus stop. It is not feasible and possible to have ticket vending machine in bus stops. It is like the difference between a five-star hotel and an ordinary hotel. It is different like a buffet and sit and order.
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    In channai, the transport authorities depute some staff to issue tickets at the bus stands and bus stops. They issue tickets to the waiting passengers and once the bus came they can show the tickets and board. But since the people do not encourage this system as there are possibilities of bus arrival and passengers could not get ticket in that gap of time and due to some other reasons the transport authorities stopped this system. Instead nowadays in Chennai there is a ticket issued monthly 16th to 15th of every month for Rs.1000, this facilitates the commuters to travel any place to any place during the Metro Transport Corporation jurisdiction. In that also the rule is the commuters should show the concessional ticket (if required the Identity card also) to the conductor while boarding or at the time of conductor arriving near. But many passengers do not show the ticket instead they show their palm as shown by the department people. So everybody expects the Government should do this and that but they do not obey or adhere properly. Our freedom makes us to speak as we please on Government.

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    In Hyderabad Metro stations or Metro, Stops are similar to Bus stops if every metro stops have a ticket vending machine and position of the person to issue a ticket is possible then why not it is possible in Bus stops or in Major Bus stops?
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    Everything is possible theoretically. It is an ideal situation that everyone buys ticket and enters the bus in an orderly way without causing crowd and congestion. Does that happen?
    Having ticket vending machine will make it convenient for ticket buyers. But how will the machine ensure that everyone buys ticket? There are many other conveniences like Prepaid Smart Card etc implemented in some places. In Kochi Metro there is Kochi 1 card which is a common card for Metro and bus.
    In Mumbai at the starting depots like near VT station, the ticket is given to those standing in queue. When the bus is brought at the stop, people very nicely enter in the same order of queue. So it is possible if people behave nicely. But this is no practical at on-the way bus stops.
    It is not level field to compare Metro and bus. Bus will have many stops in between two Metro stations. Metro need not negotiate traffic jam and trespass. It is just start and stop. No speed controls now and then, no stop before signals etc. The same is case for aeroplane. No one enters on the way. So everything can be done in some order and system.
    Ticketing at bus stops is possible and feasible under the following conditions. First people should behave nicely and in a disciplined ay. Two there should be adequate number of buses to accommodate all people waiting at every stop. Three the tickets should be same from or to any stop. As of now it is Utopian dream.

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    I am surprised why it has not been done so far. For everything we say that governance in our country is not good. There is resistance for any new thing as it would make people unemployed. There is no system and even if you want to do it because of leg pulling between many Govt departments it would not see the light of the day and things like that. We always give these excuses when we do not want to do it. The vending machine can be made available in the bus stop or instead of having a vending machine in the bus stop we can have a small machine in the Bus itself as is very common in the foreign countries and there can be a few categories of tickets like Rs 10, 20, 30 and 40. People should press the button and get their usual ticket and pay to the driver or even to a conductor standing at the entry. If there is a will there is a way otherwise we would be giving hundred reasons as why it cannot be done. GST was opposed for years but now once it is implemented everyone is praising it and telling that why it was not implemented 20 years back. Computerisation of Income Tax collections was a herculean task but once it was done people have started getting their refunds quickly.
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    #698192 As putting a vending machine on the bus this thought is there in my brain from my school days(as I first visited Hyderabad). I asked my parents why can't we keep a vending machine on the bus Enterance then my parents say the bus will not reach on time.
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