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    Are Presidents and Prime Ministers allowed to talk bad about opposition party

    Since the Prime Ministers or Presidents in a democracy are generally elected, it wouldn't be wrong to say that they represent the whole nation. Should a person of their rank slander/trash talk/cuss the opposition party? Will they be right doing so?

    Democracy, though was practised first by the Greeks, atleast through historical evidence, Romans were the ones who perfected it. Roman Republic was so perfect that most of its layout still exists in form of Senates of USA. Senate is often fractured into two parties, Populares and Optimates. Populares were a group that wanted power vested in people. Optimates favored power vested inside senate, hence aristocracy. Isn't this how the modern democracy works? Republicans and democrats of USA are an example.

    But look at today's politicians. We see Presidents and Prime ministers of Republic and democratic nations who would slander, cuss and undermine opposition party members. Consul system survived well into the ADs. After the death of Mark Antony alone, we see the permanent emergence of emperors in Rome. Don't you think something equivalent to that can be obtained? Where an individual doesn't rise above the law? Unchecked majority or unchecked power will always lead into anarchy.
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    Presidents and Vice presidents have no right about talking about any political matters at any stage because they are out of politics officially. We have been witnessing the Prime Minister can talk about politics because he is contesting in elections as one party member unlike President and Vice President.
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    Once a person becomes the president of the country, he will not have an affiliation with any political party. So he should not talk bad about any political party or politician or he should not support any political party only. He has to function within the framework of the constitution using the authorities given to him or the responsibilities he is having. Same will be the case with Vice President of the Country also. The speaker of Lok sabha also will not be considered as a ruling party member or opposition party member. He should also not have any affiliations to any party as long as he is in that position.
    Prime Minister is the MP of the ruling party and he is the leader of the government. So nobody can stop him talking bad about opposition party or its leaders. But matured leaders who will be in such position may not come down their level and talk bad about any opposition party normally.

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    The status and role of President of India and Presidents of some other countries is different.
    In India President is the Ceremonial Head of State. He is not a directly elected President. He is the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. He has to protect and defend the Constitution. Hence his loyalty is to the Constitution and not to any political party. And because of that he should not act or speak politically biased.
    He is also kept and respected above all politics by people and Parliament. He can give his observation, advice and suggestions as a senior experienced statesman and Constitutional Head, but without any political prejudice, political accusation or political interest.
    But in many other countries President is elected directly by people and the candidates do their political campaign. Such Presidents are like our Prime Minister. and can speak and act politically also.

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    Very nice question posed by the author. In a democracy the ruling party and the opposition forms the part of total structure and I want to elaborate on this matter. If a party which gets over and above the half way mark of the assembly or the Parliament would get the chance to form the government. Only In India we find decisive elections and people would give overwhelming mandate to a party. Whereas in other countries there would be neck and neck fight of just two or three seats difference. And the opposition thus elected would also nominate one person as the opposition leader who shall speak on the failures of the govt. But in India we are not having a constructive opposition but not informed opposition leader. That means what ever be talks has become a joke and therefore the position of the opposition is eroded totally. And the bloopers which the opposition makes need to be contained and clarified by PM and other cabinet leaders.
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    President is the executive head of the state and he would not talk against any party or group. For him there is nothing like opposition. Prime Minister is belonging to a particular party and is loyal to it. He can make some aggressive statements on the opposition parties that also when the opposition parties provoke him to do so.
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    Actually speaking people at the high posts should not talk loose and bad about others including the opposition parties. It is in bad taste if one does that. Unfortunately what happens that in desperation, one person starts mud slinging and makes aggressive statements and after some time another person who is the target loses his patience and starts answering either in the same language or some sophisticated language which is more hurting to the initial offender. This exchange keeps on increasing and media takes its advantage in increasing their TRP after showing these things in a spiced up form.
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    Neither the ruling party nor the opposition party leaders should talk ill or bad about the other parties. They might argue, shout, walkout, not support the bill etc. But should never abuse with ill-fitting words. They should conduct themselves like a gentleman. President, Vice President and the Speaker should have no affiliation towards any party though they belong to a party. They should be above politics, and maintain their dignity and respect their post.
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