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    What does edit and attachment means?

    When I respond in forum section then mostly edit and attachment word is used on left side of screen. Sometimes, one picture is also there. I did not install grammerly free edition before posting any content. Is it necessary to install? I understand edit means modification. Two or three times I did. Is it necessary to modify everytime when edit word is written on screen. but I noticed that after one or two days it goes off from screen. Clear this doubt.
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    If you want to edit what you have posted. You can use that Edit button. It is not that you have to edit as you see that message.
    Similarly, if you want to attach any attachment to your posting you can click on that attachment and the screen will guide you to attach as per your requirement.
    I advise you to install Grammarly once on your computer. Then it will be helpful to you in identifying spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes if any. Personally, I feel it is very useful to know our mistakes and we correct them.
    Even though Grammarly is installed it is always better to go through the content once it is ready before submitting so that if any corrections are required those can be made.
    I wish you all the best and a long and fruitful journey on this site.

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    Edit and attachment are available permanently to your own threads and responses only. It never pops up or vanishes. It is permanent. Edit means correction/modification/addition of text. Attachment means placing an image in your thread post or response. You can use the edit button to correct your spelling and grammar mistakes or any alteration of text as required.
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    There is one small edit button available on the left side below the name of the member and it is very useful for editing small mistakes like spelling, syntax etc which happen often in our write ups. We use it frequently though it is time and again advised that one should check and recheck one's posts before submission for any such errors. You can use it only for such small corrections and not to change your content and its meaning and if you do so I am afraid the administrators of the site might remove it from your posts or disable it and you would be deprived of this great facility. I use it often for small corrections.

    Attachment bar is below the post and is used for attaching a photo or document in support of one's post. It is not commonly used by the members. If you use it then you can uppload a document and photo and it would appear below your post and one can click it and see what it is.

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    Yes, Sanchita the edit button is to allow you to make changes in the text of your forum thread. This could be to add some more text or correct typos or spelling mistakes. However, just because it is there does not mean that you must use it each and every time. Just check the text after you submit and if you find mistakes then you should use the edit button. The edit button does not go off as such and will always be visible when you log in. It will not be seen/available for use, though, once the thread is locked for further responses or is auto-locked by a forum editor. The edit button is available in all sections of ISC.

    The attachment word is what you can click on and attach an image or a Word doc. (you may have seen the Word doc. I attached in the recent sports quiz for the Quadrathlon contest) if you really need to do so. For example, let's say you tried to submit an article and an error message appeared on the screen. You can then raise a forum thread and attach an image of that error message. The attachment tool is also available for forum responses, articles, the AE section, etc.

    Regarding the picture that you see - where did you see it? The only picture that will appear on the left side there is a profile photo if you upload it at your profile account. Maybe you are talking about the image of an AdSense unit. that is automatically in place in many sections and can be ignored.

    As for the Grammarly tool (it is not grammerly), whether or not you wish to install and use it is entirely up to you. I would advise you to do so, as it will automatically show up the errors in the text, including spacing and punctuation. It will thus help you to learn simple common mistakes and thereby improve your writing skills, so much so one day the tool will show no errors at all. Of course, keep in mind that the tool has no thinking capabilities and will likely suggest a word option that is not quite fitting into the context of the sentence you wrote. So in such cases, you can just ignore the correction suggestion made by the tool. I use the tool for all my content as it often shows up typos and spelling mistakes that I may not have realized. Note - you need to select UK English when using the Grammarly tool here at ISC.

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    Being a member of this site we are bound to write forum postings, forum responses, article writing and article responses. As we are bound to make mistakes at one place of the other., the edit button is given to correct the mistakes. Normally our writings are supported by the grammar app which has to be downloaded and mostly the corrections are guided and done. Even then if changes has to be made the authors can use the edit buttons. Suppose in article section your writing and content need to be supported by images and illustration or even some diagram or info-graphic created by you, the attachment button serves as the provider to the article as the supposed images which are saved in your computer path is being taken to the pages of article through the attachments. Need not worry about mistakes and corrections , as they are every chance to make it right before submitting for approval and even in this forum you can make corrections.
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    Edit button is seen on your own posts only when you are logged in.
    This is a permanent facility after you have submitted the post, to enable you to make any corrections elated to spelling, grammar, punctuation or facts.
    In posted /published Articles it will be at the top .
    Attachment is used for attaching additional documents or picture to the post or article to give more information and details on the post or article.
    Grammarly is suggested and recommended by ISC to minimise the errors happening in our posts. If installed it is really helpful and reduces our errors in spelling and grammar to a good extent.
    You can become more at ease in these things by repeated use and posting your contributions.
    There are certain stuations when the edit button is not seen. This happens by the manual intervention of authorised editorial team members to prevent a thread/ post from further addition, deetion or changes.

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