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    And those who lost the jobs have gone for sugar cane vending business

    Within a span of one week I have seen well educated male and female candidates who were working in good jobs and lost the same in the last month have hit upon the idea of self business. And probably the banks are coming forward to finance the small business and the payments has to be made daily collections the sensible candidates are no more crying for want of jobs and instead gone for sugar cane automatic vending machine at their home front itself and which proved to be greater profit as each glass is sold for 20 rupees. A fridge and vending machine is needed to serve the juice in cool and sugar cane vendors give door delivery to the candidates.
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    When it comes to livelihood no job is small or big. Today we are having a very difficult unemployment situation in our country due to the pandemic and people's movement from the workplaces to their houses in the remote villages. In this situation if someone can find a job by himself then it is a praiseworthy thing and we should appreciate the effort of the person. Our PM is also time and again motivating people for self employment and not endlessly wait for a job in Govt or private sector. This is the time that for our survival we would have to search such avenues.
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    The solution to the huge unemployment in our country lies in self employment and my view is that people shouldn't go for higher degrees and qualifications as there is no job guarantee after that and then they feel bad in joining a menial or low status job. The solution lies in going for skill based education after completing class XII and there is no harm in doing a trade or certificate or diploma course which can help in self employment. In many countries this is very common and children are nurtured by the parents in that fashion only and then they are well prepared mentally for that and get success also.
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    It is true. Many people lost their jobs because of the Corona Virus problem and lockdown. Many small companies were closed and people working in those companies lost their jobs. It is becoming difficult for them to manage their lives. So they are trying to do small businesses so that they can take care of their family. The banks are coming forward and extending them small loans so that they can go for their own earnings. In our street, a lady started stitching masks and selling them. Her husband was working in a multiplex and he lost the job as they are closed now. So she started this business. Her husband is helping her for delivery of the material etc. Another person who lost his job is using his motorbike for business. He is dropping the people like Ola bikes and charging money. People known to him are helping by using his taxi bike. It is always better to see for some business so that you need not depend on the government to provide a job. It is the best way to see how we can without waiting for somebody to give you a job.
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    This pandemic corona not only affected our health as well as completely broke our backbone of economy system. Since last two months because of lockdown millions people lost their job. So it is being seen that many people have started their own job such as stitching mask, selling juice, taxi driving etc. As present situation continues then we should be ready for coming worse days. As our PM continuously motivating us to be self depend. So we should try for self employment not for today but future also. According to my view, coming generation should give emphasis on skill oriented education instead of taking higher degree. In future, Job may not be guaranteed in private/government sector even though having higher degree. So if we would prepare from early days then we can confront from any situation in future.

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    When someone has lost the job which was the only source of income to run his family, in this situation what a father can do to arrange three times meals for his children and bear essential expenses of his family except doing kinda menial job.

    People can't expect 1200 dollar for everybody as US government gave but- can't people expect kind of 12000 taka as Bangladeshi government gave to its people as help during the period of crisis?

    Some members have suggested to take loan from bank. In case he intends to take 5 lac rupees loan but first he has to arrange 50k (10%) to 75k (15%) as commission or bribe to get this loan. If he doesn't have money then what is your suggestion...?

    I see these poor creatures in my town too.

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    It is a blessing in disguise for those who lost their job due to lockdown. I think, many such self-employment would flourish and the poverty level would come down. There will be good growth in the Indian economy. We will recoup the lost economy, I hope.

    Bribing is not a new thing. Corruption won't go away with Corona. Bribe little and make a big money and live happily.

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    We are passing through the toughest phase of life because of spread of CORONA virus. It is a very unfortunate phase where the most employers have raised their hands in providing jobs to the well deserved candidates.To that extent, there was no room for the complaints. But what is shocking is the aspirants having large experience in their fields are being shown to the doors because no new projects are offing in the IT sectors and since the present employers would not oblige the otherwise talented persons in their retention, their shackings would not go in favour of in our societies reeling under severe crisis.
    It could have been better to use some restrained method on the part of employers during this unusual situation so that the employers don't take the extreme step of disciplinary actions against their frustrated employees.

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    According to the report of Centre for monitoring Indian economy (CMIE) 12 crore 20 lakh people have become jobless in April due to lockdown.
    (Ravish Kumar Facebook page)

    Now think for a moment about those 2 to 5 members families which entirely depend on the salary of these new jobless workers how big crisis they might have facing now.

    Also It's been reported that electronic and print media are reducing their number of employees, similar reports are coming from other sectors as well.

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