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    Hyderabad ready to start full fledged from Monday the 1st June

    Though the positive cases are on the rise but at particular area and other places being safe and sure, the state government has given green signal to the city metro rail services to start from Monday the 1st June and therefore the full life of twin cites would be limping back to normal, as the state government not yet decided on schools, colleges, theaters and malls and remaining things can work as usual. So more crowds would be seen on the roads either for work or simply to see the city which they missed since 60 days. The future is in our hands and none to help.
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    Metro will start now. Then from 5th of June 2020 city buses will also start. Slowly all the activities are starting in the city. But the most worrying part is people are not taking care of themselves. I have seen many people on the road and not following social distance.
    Today near my house there is a birthday party. They invited me also. But I told them I can't attend due to this Corona problem. Around 30 to 40 people gathered and no social distancing and they are taking food. Is it safe at this juncture?
    Now the government wants money and they are allowing all businesses. But we should know the value of our life and we should act accordingly. Undertake journeys which are an absolute necessity and that too by taking all the precautions. Don't organise or attend parties.
    Always remember that you have to maintain the social distance. Nobody will come to your rescue. You have to take care of your life.

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    It has to be like that only. Shutdown cannot be forever. Calculated and prudent risk has to be taken.
    There would have been sufficient studies by now and the government and health sector would be aware of the projections and would have some solid preparation for an aggravated situation too.
    Government has to prioritise. People would have by now become habituated to take precautionary steps. Background preparation would have been put in place to treat and manage the possible patients. The government and health sector will continue strict monitoring and will give priority to maximum reduce loss of life and critical cases. For all other cases by now they would have learned how to treat and manage. If people do not compromise on the strict preventive self measures, then gradually things can go back to almost near normal stage soon.

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    Are Metro services comes under state government?. I don't think so. I think the Central government should give permissions to run the metro services. I don't hear this news yet.
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    Just now I saw in the news that the central government has extended lockdown till the end of June in containment jones. In that, it was told that from June 5th all the malls. places of worship will be opened. But they have not given permission for metro trains. So I don't know whether it is true that from metro lines will start on 1st June 2020. Anyhow, we have to wait for the official announcement.
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    As per the news announcement, Metro service would not be resumed on 1st June anywhere in the country. So, state Govt can always tell people that they wanted to open it but central Govt has stopped. That is how politics work. Anyway the lockdown is now announced up to 30 June but it comes with many relaxations and in fact is an experiment only and based on the result of this experiment further experiments would be carried out. I think it is the high time that each and every citizen should understand his duties in this situation and cooperate with the Govt to contain the infection at an earliest.
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    #698171 Only innocent and ignorant believe that. If Metro services should run Central government should give a nod or permission otherwise they will not move.
    Probability a theory based on Assumptions and Negativity(Elimination). It is used in the evolution of atomic theory.--- Bhushan

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