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    Why AP Government is taking such hasty decisions?

    The AP government has reduced the tenure of the State Election Commissioner through an ordinance. Because of this the SEC in the seat has lost his post and a new person was appointed immediately and brought him to Amaravathi and he has taken the charge.
    The SEC who lost the post took the help of the High court and high court after complete hearing given its verdict. The Ordinance issued by the State government is dismissed and the old SEO is asked to take back his position.
    Not only this, but there are also many other incidents where the High Court went against the State Government. I don't understand why the AP government is taking such hasty decisions. Is it the immature nature of the Chief Minister?
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    This kind of actions is not the first .Government has many experienced and expert legal advisors. They would have given their opinion. The government would have been well aware of the possibilities. But they have taken a fast course. It went against them. Now this may not end there. Government can take it up with Supreme Court. The Assembly can be convened and a bill could be passed if the ruling side has comfortable majority.

    From what I read about this incident the background for the displeasure against SEC is that he had not consulted the government on postponement of the local elections. However big a bureaucrat is it is not worth to exceed limits and go against an elected government.
    At least he should have called for an all party meet, or he should have gauged the minds of the government and opposition discreetly.

    I feel that even the opposition parties also will not give him solid support. No political party likes bureaucratic superiority. That will make them tough and angry and will do everything to remove the official from their way. The ruling and opposition parties' will unite in such matters.If the opposition sees an opportunity in this matter they may make it a public issue and protest. Otherwise they will leave it and allow the Bill to be passed if the new SEC is suitable for them also.

    It is difficult for such officials to sustain antagonising political parties. He should have support from the State or Centre. Then only he can survive and sustain. High officials should always keep in mind that in dealing with popular political leadership they can try to bend only, but not break.

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