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    Written text or Videos - which is the better tool to provide able guidance?

    In this thread Bhushan made an interesting suggestion, about seeking help via YouTube to learn something as the videos would have a better impact on the learner, as compared to seeking advice from members here. So let's take up this topic to discuss.

    When we raise a query, whether in the forum or in our Ask Expert section, we get replies wholly in text form, and, on a few occasions, somebody may upload an image to explain a point. In the case of YouTube, we can learn something through a video that may or may not have written text as well on the screen. What do you consider is a better tool to guide you and help you learn? Do you prefer one over the other or always use only one of these? You could share your own personal experience, wherein you learned something wholly through a video (not necessarily at YouTube alone) or you learned something through only the written text of an article or blog post.
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    I am of the opinion that a video will have a better impact than text. If we go and see a movie the impact we have will be more than the impact we get by reading the same story as a novel. The incidents that we witnessed will be remembered longer than the heard information. The impression we get when we see will be deeper and the impression we get when we read will be definitely lighter. That is why we show videos to children. That they will like and they learn faster than reading.
    But the ultimate point is that how much concentration you are paying is more important. If we are just going through the pages without concentrating on what you are reading, then there is no use of reading. Similarly, when you are watching a video if you are going through your smartphone in between you may be lost. For quick grasping either through videos or text, focus and concentration are necessary.

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    It depends on the complexity of the subject, the ease and expertise of the author to communicate and make us understand.
    I have seen certain YouTube videos but could not understand and became more confused. But the same matter I could understand and solve my problem from the talk videos of some Indian bloggers in Hindi or Tamil or Malayalam. There are certain blogs which explain things very lucidly in text articles and using some minimum screen print/pictures. Many YouTube video clips do not give real step by step guidelines or they take long time, wasting time blabbering and repeatedly asking for likes and subscription. They may refer to another video for details on some point in this video.
    The user manuals and even Microsoft blogs are all confusing many times and do not solve our peculiar practical doubts. Many YouTube videos which are coming in top results are tech savy and guide from a higher plane which is not suited for laymen or beginners like me.
    So practically I try various methods and even then ifI do not get the answer, I raise a question or forum thread in ISC.

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    When we see a video we enjoy it and give much concentration to it. Audiovisuals have a nice effect on our senses. Earlier we had no option as the text was the only thing available and we had to learn from that only. For learning crafts and DIY things, I believe that videos are the best otherwise many other simple things do not require videos. Today we have both the options in hand and we can use both for our knowledge enhancement. Old generation might still stick to its ways of learning from the text only but in the future times video are getting to dominate the scenes.
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    What I found is it depends a lot on the way things are presented. For any technical issues, written text along with a picture is always useful and if each step is described in the form of a video it will be more helpful. Anything that has an implementation will be understood by a novice easily through a video. If the same thing is given only in written texts, it may take more time for the novice to understand it properly. For example, let's think of the help topics on HTML tags. For a novice, it may be difficult to grasp everything at one go and she/he may have to read the instructions quite a number of times to get the idea. If it is presented in the form of a video, it will be easier to follow all the steps as it will be demonstrated practically how to insert the tags in the writeups. When children learn things for the first time almost everything is presented to them in the form of a picture so that they can visualize things with their eyes and can also copy it while implementing. Though it depends a lot on the way of presentation, videos make a good impact on the novice to learn things faster.

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    Video with animation or the step by step procedures will help the learners to grasp the contents quickly but we should have the subject knowledge to connect ourselves with the videos.

    Only few videos reach the optimum levels according to our requirements. Searching the perfect information is just a cumbersome task. Simple and easy words clear our problems when two minds match.
    The readers should be able to see himself in our place before replying so as to suggest us the right techniques. Moreover not all videos are up to the expectations of every listener, as the listeners also change.

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    Video cannot be matched with written text. What we understand by watching the video cannot be understood through a written text. To understand the technical and practical subjects, the video would be better. But there are also substandard videos that we cannot understand the language and the poor explanation. Mainly I used to try to know the working principles of car parts like Carburator, brake system, steering column etc. Such questions cannot be answered or explained by any expert ISC member through a written text in the AE section or Forum section. Since yesterday, I am struggling to add a language to my Google account. All the written text available could not guide me to add a language. Still I am searching for a video on that subject .
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    I find videos a bit tedious to watch because I may require to know only something specific and in such cases, I have to sit through an entire video to know that bit. It is also possible that if there is no text accompanying the video, the diction is incomprehensible. I prefer text that has step by step guidance, accompanied by images. In a few cases, though, I have checked out videos. Once it was to understand a feature for my blog at Blogspot and another was the tip given to rolling out the dough for a thalipeeth without it sticking to the rolling board.
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    What Vandana madam has given in her last response is exactly true. We don't have a search option in video. In order to remember something we need to look at the matter again and again. With text, if we just skim at the matter or just press the search button, we can grasp the subject easily. This is not possible through video. We can't watch the video again and again to search for something unless we know the exact position where the matter is explained. That is why websites are thriving till today even if they are getting competition from other sources.

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    Apparently one can learn from both the mediums but in this age of internet and online classes, what matters is a video clipping of the how to do it things or advanced videos on the concerned subject. For everything there is a video. Seeing video gives an audio visual feel of the matter especially matter related to our taste.
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