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    How lifts are dangerous for humans?

    As everybody went to the temple and prays to god without doing hard work in life everybody wants a lift for success in life. What about physical lift this is also dangerous we see in the news there are so many lifts failed to serve the purpose as people are dying and some feel lot of tension when lifts are not working and they are inside the lift. Now a news a small kid alone who enters into lift doesn't know which button to press as these scenes are very Heartbreaking when seeing those videos. However, lifts are very dangerous to human life either way. Please share your thoughts on this.
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    If maintained and repaired properly they are not dangerous and would not fail just like that. The problem is that sometimes people take it lightly and then only the disaster happens. It is not only true for lifts but also for many such facilities in our lives. In the high rise buildings lifts are a must and are to be kept in good shape to avoid any accident or eventuality of sort. Whether it is a bus or a train or a plane or any such facility, the main reason of failure is negligence in maintenance and human error of judgement. Most of the accidents happen due to overspeed. So, to some extent everything is dangerous and if we do not take care of things and use them in rash ways, then we ourselves are inviting the failures or accidents.
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    Lifts are used to proceed us in an apartment which is more than four floors as climbing becomes difficult. It is also helpful for kids under the supervision of guardians and old aged people to easily reach the multi-storied buildings.
    A security or a supervisor will be readily available in most lifts which are highly sophisticated but in a small apartment of six to eight floors, we have to take care of ourselves. Children should not be allowed solely to operate such lifts. They do not have the knowledge to come out of it under serious problems as suggested by the author.

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    But these days without these lifts we can't survive. When you purchase a flat in the 15th floor without a lift it is not possible to live. In fact, there should be two lifts. If one failed the other may work. Lifts are inevitable. So we should take all the required precautions and we should use the lifts.
    Coming to the lifts in life, I think praying God may not be useful these days. Many people who go with money to the political leader or bureaucrat will get the required lift. People depending on their own merits or expecting a lift from God may not get the required lift. Only people with politicians support or bureaucrats support only will get the facility of lift in their lives. Your own strengths will be useful to you to get a job in a private company and there your hard work only will be the lift to climb heights. Maintain lifts well and try to see and maintain rapport with the people who can provide lift in life.

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    In anything precaution and prudence is needed. Children are vulnerable in any circumstances. They should not be left alone in such circumstances.
    In comparison to many modern facilities lifts have caused only very negligible incidents of accidents and loss. If properly maintained and used with following the normal guidelines, lifts are very safe. Rarely very freak accidents occur- but investigations always reveal human negligence as cause in most of them.
    Road accidents are accidents are everyday happening. But still we do not bother and use and handle vehicles. But accidents happening with lifts are almost very very rare and equal to NIL in overall statistics.
    However that does not mean one should be negligent.

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    Nothing is dangerous in this world if we are alert and careful. However, there is something called fate or destiny that cannot be avoided. A Lift is nothing but a machine, like any other machine that we use. To be safe, it is essential to maintain the things we use. The machine has no sense like human beings. It is the duty of the sensible human to ensure that the machine is in good order with frequent maintenance. We can't help if power fails and the lift doesn't work. We need to have patience during such power failures.
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    The modern lifts are having the option of bringing the same to the nearest floor either up or down. Such manual arrangement is there with every lift operator. Therefore the people using the lift should not panic if the machine stops for some reason or power failure. And every lift has the emergency numbers mentioned on that and also the guard on duty at the lift or the reception can be contacted for help. Never be panic if you happen to be holed up in the lift. Within few minutes the retrieve would be made and even I had the experience at the Rail Nilayam and was helped within few second.
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