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    Alerts make our mind less alert

    Nowadays people are too busy in their daily life and they have a countless number of things to do which they need to remember. There are fair chances that people may tend to forget about important things to be done due to which they may face inconvenience. Here comes the role of alerts and reminders which have now become part of our daily life. It is common nowadays for people to set reminders in their smartphones, alarm clocks, google calendar, note on a paper, etc for all the important things to be done to avoid the risk of missing them out. In the olden time, an only important reminder which people used to set was clock alarm for waking up in the morning and most of the other things they used to remember in their minds. But nowadays people sometimes set alerts for even very minor things which they can easily remember if they are little alert. But they do not want the slightest botheration to remember things and hence they outsource the work of their mind to gadgets and software.

    Setting alerts and reminders for important events is understandable but setting reminders for every small thing should be discouraged. Side effects of setting alerts and reminders are that our minds get habituated to it and tend to become lazy and loses its capacity to remember things as we are outsourcing its responsibility external agents. The result is that we may not be able to remember even small things mentally and we tend to note them down. It is just like when a person is devoid of his or her responsibility for a long time then they find it difficult to handle it again when needed.

    Hence we should use alert and reminders only when its important and required. Using it to remember even minor things will make our mind less alert and capable to remember things on its own and we may forget the things when sometimes we forget to set alerts and reminders.
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    Alerts or alarms are a useful facility but they may not come handy in all the situations. We should not depend fully on them. The author has rightly mentioned that if we depend on these reminders more then our brain would lose its retention power and we would become slave of this habit. So it is definitely advisable to go for alerts only for those things where it is very important and inevitable.
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    It's true that nowadays we use the alert/reminder function of our smart gadgets a lot and it becomes a habit to use it even for little things which we can easily remember. I think since the complexities of lives have increased people tend to be more careful. They remain worried all the time and that's why don't want to take a chance. Though it's advisable to practice remembering things which will keep the cells of the brain active, people became too dependent on gadgets. As for example, before the advent of mobile devices, many of us used to remember the telephone numbers of the frequently contacted persons. Now since we can save all those numbers in the gadgets neither we wish to write nor we wish to remember those numbers. This is a bad habit indeed and the result of overdependency on technology.

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    Alarm is used in most factories to create awareness amongst the staff on danger. So the meaning itself suggest that the usage has to be limited else there will be danger in their life.
    If we fall prey of using regularly we may forget to set the alarm time itself for a particular schedule. Alarming the alarm in its real sense has to be used for the important meetings not just clinging on to the mobile the whole day. The alerts are mostly used by the banks to give a quick information about the transactions in the bank to known the genuinity of the out flow and inflow of money.

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    Actually, these technological advances should make us more useful and more resourceful. Our brain has a certain capacity and more than that it may not be possible to remember. To enhance that capacity only these additional gadgets should be used. But what we are doing is we are completely getting dependent on these gadgets and making our brain empty.
    Earlier days we used to remember many issues but we used to keep them in writing also so that in case of any failure of our brain we can go and visit our writings. Now instead of writing, we are storing them electronically. It is Ok. But we never bother to keep them in our brain.
    When we are on tour we completely depend on our phone for communication. By any chance, if the phone is missing we don't even remember our wife's mobile number and boss's mobile number also. Then how difficult it is you can understand. At least we should remember one or two number so that in case of any emergency we can rely on them.

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    It's innate by default that what we want to keep remember or get to be reminded about an important upcoming event we remember or reminded by in built alarm system whereas what's trivial in our sight and we don't want to keep remember or get to be reminded no gadgets can work on us.

    In general way, depending too much on others whether it's living or non living object finds us someday, somehow as left in the lurch .

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    I see it as an optimal use of technologies. Devices are introduced to simplify our job. We should be aware of making use of it. Now Google home and Alexa are became a part of our house. As the author mentioned about the alert, these devices keep us peaceful. (I won't say, we are not alert). I set alarm in google home for 5 minutes duration too to check for my cooking progress, laundry, reminding for call etc. I have apps to remind me for drinking water. As soon as I receive meeting invite, I add them to my calendar and set reminders.

    I remember my professor in college said, we need not be putting so much effort in memorizing something as we are blessed with so many memory gadgets. In school days, I used to remember so many phone numbers, now i know only few important people phone number. I believe it is sufficient. Just because, I don't remember or take some effort to remember other contact details it doesn't mean that gadgets ruined my memory power. Just because, i depend on alarms for meeting or events doesn't mean I can't act independently. I don;t take any chance for human errors.

    When there are high priority works/events they will be keep running in mind and keep the person alert. For rest of the things, alerts are important to be peaceful.

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