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    Which is more important: content or language?

    It is not about conveying an idea, thought or information that matters, it is how well you do it that makes all the difference. One cannot consider himself a good writer or speaker if he is not able to convey his mind properly. It is not enough if the person on the other side makes it out, he should be able to step into our shoes. And conveying properly also includes clarity of thoughts and error-free contents. Let us give it a thought.

    A write-up becomes a matter of thought, discussion, and even creates opinion. At first instance, people go for the content, but it strikes a chord with the reader only when the language of an article or essay is pitch-perfect or almost accurate. One or two minor mistakes do not irritate the readers, but if every sentence is incorrect, then the readers can't connect themselves with it.

    At ISC, we all have to understand the requirement of writing on any subject is not just conveying a message through our content, but a proper English language is equally important. We all make mistakes which devalue our content. If basic English is wrong such as the agreement of subject and verb, spelling, tense and so on, then readers will not read the complete write-up.

    Would we like to be disregarded? If making mistakes become our practice, then we won't be able to write a single sentence correctly. It's high time that we should not be in a hurry while we post one sentence, a paragraph or a lengthy write-up. It demeans our effort if it has errors. Let us be very careful while clicking the submit button. It's not about writing, winning or earning, but adding value to the content is more important. May be on ISC we do not know each other but suppose any family member or friends read a passage written by us which is full of flaws, then, what will be the impression? Thus, we should improve our English then only the content can impress the readers. Both are equally important, so let's work upon it.
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    Both are important. Readers will be attracted by the content of the article but if they found there is a lot of mistakes in the language they will not read further and undoubtedly it will create a bad impression. We write because others will read it and since we are writing on a website it can be read by any person having the link of the website. Whenever we search for information on the internet, we prefer to read from a reputed website. The reputation of a website depends a lot on the languages used. If most of the information on a particular website has mistakes in the form of grammar and spelling people will avoid visiting those websites even if the content is good. From my personal experience, I can say one thing. If the contents in a website have a lot of grammatical and spelling mistakes you can somehow be sure that they are not providing the authentic information. It is one of the checks to know how authentic a website is.

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    Content and the mode of conveying with the right structure of sentences makes an article significant and readers will have a positive impression about the writer. Once they enjoy reading, more and more posts of the writer will be given first preference before selecting others.
    Just like we are passionate to few films as our favourite actor or actresses has a leading role in it, we as writers should take a leading role in the minds of readers.

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    Content and language are like the two sides of a coin and the coin would not exist if even one of them is absent. I remember hearing a long speech by some local leader which was delivered in a very good language and it was really interesting to hear the beautiful words and phrases he used in his narration. Unfortunately, at the end of the speech none of us were knowing what was his subject or theme that he was speaking about so long and we in fact laughed on that incident much. He delivered the speech in a very metamorphic ways but content was nil. As the writer has aptly put it, both required and are essential ingredients of a perfect write up. I can only say that content is the value or material in the write up while language is its marketing aspect. No one will buy it if one of them is lacking. Good content writers learn good language also to make their product valuable.
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    Both are very very important for a good piece of writing. Language is the carrier of that content and takes it and presents it to the reader in a palatable and interesting way. A content however good if presented in a shabby language would not attract any reader. In our school times our teacher used to correct our answers from that angle only and we were told by them as where we had done mistakes in our content and where we have done mistakes in our language. We have learned in that fashion only and that is why today we are able to write some content in our own language but acceptable to the readers. If a content is not genuine and trustworthy no one would like to have it however nice language in which it might have been presented.
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    Writing clearly and without any mistakes and grammar mistakes is an important issue. Using correct words and using words which can convey your idea without any confusion is the best way. If the content is interesting people will read it. They may not worry much about grammar or mistakes. But some people will look for correctness in writing.
    I feel we should not write spelling wrongly. We can't do grammar mistakes. We should use the words according to the targeted readers. Then only the content will be appreciated. A teacher teaching 6th class should teach in such a way that the student will understand the subject. That means his targetted audience area 6th Class students. Similarly, a professor teaching PG students should teach at that level. Then only our efforts will be appreciated.

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    I would like to make a counter question in this regard. Which is important: goods or the carrier?

    Goods are what we are ultimately interested. But we need a carrier to bring it to us. At a particular situation both are important. Once the goods have arrived to us, we can forget about the carrier.

    How do a mother and child communicate? Is language a matter there? How do a dumb person communicate to us and we mutually understand even if we have not learned the special sign language? Even in ISC do we not understand what the core message is in a write up even if there are some mistakes as per our evaluation?
    If a subject is much complex even if the language is good, can we easily understand that?
    There is no straight this or that answer for all these. It is all relative, and conditional.

    However in the case of Gold whether 24 carat, 22ct, 20 ct or 18 ct it has value. The value is as per its Gold content.
    I think this answers the title question.

    (This not to belittle the importance of error free language, but for the sake of logical discussion)

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    Well both content and proper English language are equally important in ISC . As we are not any masters in developing good content so as having good language skills at initial days but after gradual learning process and commit of mistakes and making them correct, we do become capable of posting quality content and usage of proper English language. Forums section is here for all member to develop both skills gradually but in remaining sections one with content and good English language only have to contribute and Editors are there with strict actions as those sections do appear in Google search and have wide reach too.
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    WELL,its a very good argument.From my point of view content weighs more than the language. Uderstandability and decent language is important to reach out your content to a larger audience. Until and unless we do not have a powerful content,the language could not help us to reach our message.Content and language are two sides of the same coin. Nobody is a born master, as our mindset grows the content will become mature. But the growth of language requires a lot of brain storming, reading,and practice,which everyone who wants to express won't have. Therefore it is more important to have a good content and the language grows adjacent to your content.

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