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    A voracious reader turned writer can write on any subject

    Writing is an art and is to be learned with efforts and hard work. The skills of presenting one's content in the best of ways impressive as well as communicative is the whole purpose of effective writing. It is also believed that a writer should have read a lot before he attempts to write because for content presentation past reading is also helpful in addition to the present references and notes. So any educated person say having at least a graduation degree to his credit can read all sort of material including of his choice and can get a plethora of contents and ideas from them. It is not so that he would be only confined to his own core subjects which he had in his graduation time or post graduation time, he can explore and travel further in the ocean of books and literature and if he is able to do so he can ultimately be able to write also on all those different subjects and knowledge areas. What do you think about it?
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    Not only a veracious reader, one can contribute well through the life experience on each count and those who have the habit of close observance. Being a veracious reader of many issues and matters, he picks up the points and negative aspects in such information and try to disseminate as per his views. And those who had the bitter experience in the past on many matters can coin out very good contents on each and every issue. Because through bad experience they learn the new way of life and now understanding the issue and matter fully and therefore could help the others with their writings. But above all the close observation of things around us most matters. Some have the knack of getting clues and issues hidden in the observations they make and present the same in the writing format to the understanding level of all.
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    If the input is of good quality and good quantity, then only the output will be of quality and quantity.
    People write as an outlet for expression of their thoughts. Such thoughts are the result of churning process inside one's mind involving the various inputs. One of the best ways of input for thoughts is a wide reading. It will not be practical and preferable to choose and limit to any parameter initially. One should be a voracious reader. Apart from reading one should try to gain first hand experiences in life by travel, and interaction with various persons and personalities. Then one will know that thoughts and ideas are developing inside his own mind. He may be becoming aware of his likes and dislikes, affinity and abhorrence of various ideas and ideals. He may develop vision and mission. Some of the expressions and outlook will come out as his writings.
    By and by the person will know his area for specialisation and focus. There are some people who have wide knowledge in multi areas. Such pole will be able to address any audience.
    Lack of reading limits one's writing capacity as he will not be having sufficient idea and thoughts.

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    A reader who reads different books and analyses them in different ways can present his knowledge in any way he wants. In Andhra Pradesh, there is a Person called Garikapati Narasimha Rao. He is a poet and he gives speeches and he conducts Astvadhanam and Satavadhanam. He can talk instantaneously on any topic. Whatever you ask he will respond. He says he reads every day for 10 hours and he reads 20 books, Each book he will read for half an hour. His general knowledge and sense of humour are excellent. He says he got these skills because of his reading habit only.
    So reading is a very good habit and people who are having the habit of reading can write on the subjects he studied and also on many other subjects. Otherwise, it is not possible to write some useful content on any subject. So we should read as much as possible.
    A person can understand any subject if he concentrates on reading. Simply turning pages can't be treated as reading. Sometimes writing the same topic number of times will also make you to remember that subject without any problem.

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    The key points for a good writer are :-
    1. Good reading skills-a person who is passionate, experiencing them in an imagination world.
    2. Connecting the information so read to the personal lives of people around him in the real world.
    3. Presenting good vocabulary skills in his or her write up.
    4. Apt and precise writing relating to the topic.
    5. Interesting facts and figures grabbing the readers mind.
    6. The writer should be ready to take up comments from readers.
    7. A good title for the book.
    The write-ups so written should be given to his family members and friends for corrections before submission while keeping the author's name unknown to them.

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    It is not that all the readers would turn into good writers but yes those who have passion for writing and have deep inclination for it can definitely master the art of writing. The skill of writing requires patience and pondering. Ideas would come in mind but to put them in their right perspective is what counts much. There are many constituents or elements of writing and proper amalgamation of all those only yields an impressive and effective piece of writing.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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