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    Make me rich attitude

    Some people have the bad habit of acquiring money and assets which is not at required as of present as they are already well settled and can live happily without earning money. The have the very crooked mind of make me rich attitude which overshadows their good behavior and good nature of the past. Becoming rich is good and needed too but what is the use of acquiring money which is not used for any personal purpose or the family to enjoy. They tend to have lots of doubts and planning as to how to save the money and how to safeguard them from others.
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    Earning money and becoming rich is not a bad issue. But how you are earning money is important? Earning money illegally and using it for unethical practices is not good for anybody. Struggle and work hard and make money. Nobody can question you. Pay the tax as per the rules. Then you are free to utilise the money in any you want as long as you are not harming somebody else.
    Keeping money without enjoying life is also not correct. But saving some money for the future is nothing wrong. But when needed if you are not spending the money you have is a waste. But wasting money for unnecessary issues without saving for the future is also a waste. Don't suffer now reserving the money for tomorrow should be the attitude. When you have enough money you should inculcate the habit of helping the people in need is really needed.

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    Acquiring wealth for the future is a good cause which every individual follows in his or her life. Surplus funds can be utilised for the well being of the community. This act will make a mark in the history. The fame so built with a good cause is a blessing in disguise.
    The attitude of people is such that they tend to lock up the money in various places and don't even have a counter check on those places. They spends years together in hiding the information to their family members and are left behind unnoticed.
    They do not share or inform it to their close relatives even at the time of their ill-health. Finally the assets so managed by them will be grabbed by unknown persons. There is a thought in Kannada " ittidhu thanage bachithidu pararige". This thought means what ever we save will be for the well being of others not the family members.

    So why wait for this day, we can take action when we are in this materialistic world to help the needy.

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    Some people have too much greed and yearning for earning money and they spent their whole life in that only. It is not a bad thing to earn more and more money but on what cost that we have to understand. The purpose of earning money is to enjoy in ones life and if one is not able to enjoy and spend all his time in the earning only the what is the use of that earning. I think we should have a balance in our lives.
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    Money to a certain extent can be helpful but it does not serve the purpose always. Keeping money for bad days and making the present time worse by curtailing the essential items is also not the worth consideration. However, we need to make some adjustments in relation to our medical expense. With the limited resources for the senior citizens especially when their eps pension is meagre, medical expenses cannot be ignored because of the advancement of the age. The senior people might suffer from the disease pertaining to life style disorder such as diabetes, high BP, heart ailments and so on. Even the medical insurance does not cover the entire expense with which the senior citizens are suffering from. Hence to make up the extra expense, we need to raise resources to take care of entire medical expense.

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    It is a very practical reality that we need money. We need more and more money for our increasing needs.
    It is a purely personal matter where and when to limit adding more money and increase our wealth. Each person will feel that his wealth is not much and others have more wealth. So rich and poor are mostly relative terms.
    So what we do is those who do not have sufficient money to satisfy the basic needs of food, shelter and clothing are considered poor.
    All others can be considered as low income, middle income and higher income. Higher income earners are contributing to others by giving direct income tax, wealth tax etc. Some people after reaching a certain age or certain accumulated wealth voluntarily share a part of their wealth for the benefit of others generally or specifically.
    Society and country needs wealth creators. It needs rich and wealthy people also.

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