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    If Corona affected the ancient India- write your creative thoughts

    At present most of the nation were caught on the wrong foot as corona virus has paralyzed and hampered the development and also stalled the economy. If such virus affected our ancient India during the ten Avatars time or during the Kingdom times , what should have been the reaction and how they would have coped up. No doubt Ayurveda experts would have handled the virus in their own way, but what about social distancing and wearing a face mask. Run your creative story by entering any kingdom of the past and bring to us their action taken report on the virus.
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    Those days such disease was no there. People are healthy and their eating habits are healthy. They used to have a lot of discipline in their lives. So there is no necessity for social distancing and masks etc. those days, I feel.
    However, if it might have come how they might have handled the issue is what the author wants.
    If it happened in Indraprastha when Dharmaraja was the emperor there. Dharmaraj might have immediately asked Bhima and Arjuna to take the Raja Vidya to the Himalayas and identify the Sanjeevani. Then they might have brought that plants and Rajaya Vaidya might have made tablets with that and might have given to the people who are all suffering. As Dharma Raj studied Ramayana in which Sanjeevani is good medicine for all deadly diseases he might have asked them. All the people might have been given those tablets and that might have prevented Corona from spreading.

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    At that time also virus or bacteria must have attacked the humanity but the main difference was that the kingdoms were not connected by faster means of communication and transport and were living in almost in isolation with each other so even if any such virus had spread in those times it would be contained within that kingdom and would had done the loss it could do and would not spread to other places. So chances of converting that to a pandemic were rare in those days. Other thing is that whatever natural cure people had they would had used it and those who had good resistance would had survived.

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    Very nice responses from two authors and Neeru has hit the point with her great submission.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    My own view is exactly reflected by Neeru Bhatt #698235. I concur with her post fully.
    I just add the following points:
    1. Negative news which scare people would not have been there.
    2. Community spread would not have happened then, as people were more obedient and compliant.
    3. People had more spiritual power and could have used that to resist and defeat the virus.
    4. Co-orbid conditions of Diabetes and Cancer etc were not there. Hence criticlity and mortality would have been almost NIL..

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    In older times, infectious disease would not have spreaded among people, it is not possible. I have studied about many infectious disease in ancient times. But that time was totally different from today. That time, people was not having means of communication and advanced technologies as we having today. What is happening in other places it was very difficult to know. People was completely depend on natural item for curing any disease. If any pandemic would spread then very less chance to be spread from one place to other pace due to lack of transportation. Moreover, ancient people was well disciplined and cultured. Their heart and soul was pure. People lived their life not only for self but as a whole society. They were having more awareness than modern people. If anything happens in society then they knew how to cure it. So chances to happen corona like disease was very rare.

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