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    Those who have not learned through blackboard only knows to blacken the board

    Time and again we have been fed with the news from Tamil Nadu that they are totally against the imposing of Hindi and they will allow Hindi as subject in school and college level. And those who are spearheading such kind of agitation were not properly educated through the blackboards. The party and the workers simply follow the sermons of the top leader and try to blacken the sign boards of railway stations wherever the Hindi language is seen or written. But they seldom understand that they are doing injustice to the people of same state who want to study Hindi and compete on national level.

    This is the entry for the tow topic blackboard
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    This is an important observation by the author regarding the attitude of some people towards Hindi. By doing so these people are helping actually English to grow in its importance. People had learned English because of necessity only and if some people now want to learn Hindi also due to the same necessity or desire then what is the problem in that.
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    Languages are the means of communication and people convey their messages through their preferred languages. It is not necessary that people pass the information in a language that you want them to. It must be based on the choice and liking of an individual or a state.

    However, I encourage to learn different languages, not just one particular language and there must not be any force to implement any language anywhere in the country. Because India is a multicultural and multidimensional country which is the beauty of this nation. Reducing this country to one particular language is irrational and against the integrity of this country.

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    A good thought from the writer. It is true that in India, Hindi is used widely and it is easy to communicate in Hindi than other languages. As mentioned that we need to give importance to our mother tongue but it is also important to learn new languages as in this competitive world, we need to make space to survive and Hindi plays a vital role in communication with people of other states. As mentioned by another member in the reply (698200), by ignoring Hindi, we are actually giving more importance to other languages but to be frank, English is a universal language and in order to be with the pace, English is a must. Why should one be denied to learn what he/she feels is important to his/her growth? Let each school have options in language and let the children select his preference as it will help to know and learn new language and its culture. Let us not fall prey to the so-called political gimmicks and learn what is important to us.
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    Hindi is our national language and there is high scope if we are able to complete B. ed with Hindi as the major subject, we can get job in government schools.
    To learn languages there is no age criteria, we can learn at Hindi Prachar Sabha which will be situated in every state and a few district within the state.
    It is noted that a person should be capable of speaking minimum five languages so that he can manage when he or she is travelling within the country. Amongst them Hindi and English are the two major languages which grabs preference as well the local language of that place where we would have reached.

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    I always feel awed at Mohan's talent to come with prima facie attractive titles.
    In this thread also on the first look the title has a rhythm and inherent troll too.
    The matter dealt in the thread is not a popular subject now. It is still used by some subject starved political parties or leaders frantic for their survival. It is like fogging fresh a dead horse. I Feel that in this thread, somehow the author could not do full justice in connecting the topic keyword

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    There is no national language for India as per the constitution that I don't want to debate on that. I am quite against spreading and the imposition of Hindi in South India because spreading or imposition of Hindi leads to many problems that I mentioned in many of my threads.

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    Many states are using three language formula. Mother tongue, English and one more language that is Hindi. This is what many States follow. But Tamilnadu is one state which never encouraged Hindi and some political parties in the State are making anti-Hindi canvas and not encouraging the students to read Hindi. Such things are not correct. We should leave the choice to the student and he should select the language he likes. Stopping somebody from learning the subject they are interested in is not correct. A good post by the author and as usual his thread is the first one for the contest.

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    In our Hyderabad there is no Hindi medium and Hindi subject is taught to which we are familiar and regarding usage of black board in this thread is the ignorance of those though educated still prefer to act on advice of leaders.
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    It is extremely sad that the author does not know the facts. The largest number of Hindi learners in India, including through private tuitions and the Hindi Prachar Sabha, is in Tamil Nadu.

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    Of course, there are sections of people in all the states having their aversions for the Hindi Language but despising a language without knowing its merit of that language is wholly unjustified. We have to be familiar with the cultural activities of Hindi Belt People. Their ways of thinking and how the writers of Hindi contributed their thoughts in the form of stories, novels and poems and without going through such contributions, rejection of the language at the very first sight speaks of one's biased attitude. To name a few, read the novels of Premchand such as Godan, Nirmala etc and its series of stories. You will be definitely be influenced with the ways of presentation. Similarly, there were many budding writers such as Bhagwati Charan Verma, Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, Maithali Sharan Gupta, Mahadevi Verma etc who have made their unique place in the hearts of Hindi Readers.
    Hindi literature is nothing but the amalgamation of different thoughts of the ordinary people and without knowing the same, one should not hate a language.

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    Hindi as a language is widely accessed in most of the states. The migrant workers can be spoken with Hindi as a medium. There is no age limit to learn this language also. It all depends on individual understanding on how they pick up the choice of languages.
    Preference should be given to people to choose their subject of knowledge. If they are not able to study in one state they can pay the fees and collect the books in a state where it is given preference to study. Learning can be through videos readily available in internet to help them in understanding the concepts.

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