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    Which clothes do you prefer- handwoven or machine-spun?

    There are two types of clothes we generally use- handwoven and machine-spun clothes. Handwoven clothes are made by weavers with their own hands. They are more comfortable but are usually costlier. On the other hand, machine-spun clothes are of more varieties and cost relatively less and most people go for them even though handwoven clothes are more comfortable.

    Guntur, Pochampalli, Mangalagiri, Bandarlanka etc. are some of the nationally and internationally famous handwoven clothes from the weavers of the Telugu states. They are specialized in spinning and designing sarees.

    Do you have such famous handwoven special clothes in your local region? Please mention in your responses about their speciality. Why can't we encourage weavers by buying handwoven clothes? Share your views with respect to this issue.

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    Gandhiji was of the conviction that the progres of Indian vilages and villagers is by promoting handloom and handicrafts. Our governments at Centre and state had done a lot to rpomote Handloom and Khadi . However as Handwoven clothes have inherent imitations,people started preferring machine woven clothes. Even now manual labour is not there in most of the cloth making except for say in the weaving.

    Handwoven fabrics are now preferred in the silk Sari sector more than elsewhere. Celebrities get exclusive hand woven sarees as a sort off 'Class' and exclusivity.
    As handwoven fabrics involve more labour and time, they have to be sold at higher prices than the machine woven fabrics. However due to governments's support they are able to sell at comparable prices. Another area where handwoven material is preferred is the bath towel,especially in th states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

    I used to buy handloom fabrics from the various handloom centres promoted by Central and State govrnments. But late on I found that they are not hundred percent handwoven. Since then I started buying the machine woven clothes. But still I buy handloom bath towels.

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    To encourage the hand weavers we can by the handwoven clothes but in most of the places there is no distinction and the shopkeeper would not be able to tell us which is which one. Until we get clarity on that we would not be able to help these artisans of our country. In Southern India probably in some places there is a clear cut demarcation and the customer can decide which one he wants to buy.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Uppada, near Kakinada, is one place which is very famous for Pattu Sarees. They are lightweight sarees and ladies like those sarees. My cousin sister is staying in that place. If any special function in our house we will go to that place and purchase the sarees.
    Similarly in Bhongir also there are many people who make handle cotton dresses and they are very cheap. I used them many times.
    Many people prefer handloom clothes but the requirement is very huge and supplies are limited. That is the reason why many people go for synthetic dresses. In synthetic dresses, many types will be there and one can choose as per his liking.
    I accept the proposal of using hand made clothes and encourage them. But the problem is quantities are not coming. That is the reason why we are going to synthetics.

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