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    Black is blackboard making future bright white

    Blackboard is in use since ancient time. The usage of blackboard has come a long way surpassing ancient, medieval and modern times.

    In ancient times, blackboard was positioned under shade of the tree and in the open playground class was conducted. Colors were obtained from flowers which helped in adding variety to the chalks. White and other color chalks were used. A wet cloth was used to mop the blackboard when the board became excessive dirty. Usually, a dry cloth was used.
    In medieval times, the same thing was continued in a more refined manner and classrooms were made. Classes were occasionally conducted in the open depending upon the weather calamities.

    In modern times, blackboard is more advanced and reformed. Instead of chalk and duster blackboard usage, nowadays there are whiteboard and marker. Also, there is electronic digital boards which are known as smartboards. Digital lectures are conducted in classrooms.

    Even though there are diverse boards available nowadays but the black slate has a different context. A student's life is brightened by the medium of the black blackboard.
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    A good thought and well written about blackboard making future bright white of every student that sat in front of it to learn things. Gone are the days when everything was done on the blackboard. As technology advanced, the blackboard has turtned white, the chalk has turned to marker and even digital learning has started for the good of students. The color of the board is not important but what it teaches is more important as it is what will make or break a student and a nation. The more people leaarn from the black board, the more educated its people become and it can be used to help our country to step high in the world.
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    Blackboards are not visible these days and whiteboards with marker pens are replacing the blackboards. But if you go and see the villages where the government schools are full of students, you will find blackboards only in the classrooms. Similarly, they use chalk piece only for writing. I don't know in the cities but in many villages, the students will be using black slates only these days also. In that blackboard is one of the tools useful for making their lives bright in the coming days. A good thought by the author.
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    A beautiful positive title. Appreciation for the correlative thought.
    A brief and concise note on the positining and usage of blackboard is given,which rekindles ournostalgia.
    There is also a mention of the black slate. Good thread for TOW.

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    A good gist of information on the blackboards through various periods in history to present day.
    Blackboards still have their hold for the primary leaders. They enjoy writing the names of their classmates to depict themselves as leaders when teachers are not available in break hours. Students enjoy enacting their teacher's role. They would like to be in the good books of the teacher.

    White boards are also used in regular classes. Teachers need a medium to instruct the children, it can be black board, white board or digital boards which does not gain any weight age unless otherwise the students are able to grasp the contents and exhibit their values in real life.

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    Congratulations to the author for coming up with a unique and catchy title for her post. Also, she has well elaborated the concept of teaching in various periods. The colour of the board, the method of teaching does not matter much. All that matters is the influence of education on young minds. Colour of the board may be black, but its role in brightening the future of students is huge. It can very well shape the characteristics and bring the best out of them.

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    Nice presentation by the author. Blackboards are still in use in the schools but slates are not seen anywhere. I remember we had slates in our time and we used them like a rough workbook. We had to keep them clean by wiping with cloth.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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