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    A blackboard is a stepping stone for students' success!

    As we see in Ramayana as to find Sita the varnas(monkey group) will help Rama. This monkey group was instrumental in giving Rama key information about Sita. They helped him build a bridge with stones across the seas, and cross over with a monkey army that successfully stormed the demon stronghold and freed Sita as there is news that the stones will float on water and now it is a Tourism spot.

    Now Coming to the title of thread similar to the above story a Blackboard will act as a stepping stone for success in student life. Many people thought the black color is to symbolize sadness but when we entered into class as our first glance will be on the blackboard this will teach us the first lesson and enlightens you that a black weapon of a teacher makes every student's life bright. You will able to know that without blackboard white chalk pieces can't write anything.

    Life is like a great blackboard and on it, you write all the things that you do. A white dot on a blackboard is evidently noticeable to all then the clean blackboard. similarly, all notice only bad in you than the clean good in you.

    Don't judge the book by its cover is an apt say for the blackboards.

    This is my TOW entry.
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    A well-noticed point from the writer that "A white dot on a blackboard is evidently noticeable to all than the clean blackboard. similarly, everyone notices only bad in us than the clean good in us." It is a universal truth that if you do 99 good things, people may forget you but if you happen to make 1 mistake, they will remember that 1 mistake and you will be taunted for that one mistake but never be appreciated for the 99 good work. The same is about black, it highlights the bad but the good get hidden due to its colour. As we enter a classroom, the first thing that anyone notice is the blackboard, though now it has changed to whiteboard, the purpose remains the same.
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    White writings on a blackboard will be very bright and you can read the content very clearly and fast. That is why schools were using blackboards and chalk pieces to write and to explain the lesson to the student. But now the trend is changing and whiteboards and sketch pens are being used.
    Yes. It is true that people will notice bad in us easily and may not notice good qualities in us. When we do 100 good works nobody will notice or not even mention anywhere. But if we do a single mistake, people will easily point out that mistake and blame us for that mistake. This is the trend. In the same learning, bad practices are easy but good practices are very difficult to learn.
    A good thread from the author and he made good observations and I appreciate him for his this thread.

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    I differ with the author heading that the black board is the stepping stone for students success. Home is the first school for many child and invariably we the parents are making the learning habit through white boards or books which are made of plastic pages. The student get to the knowledge of writing and understanding profess through black board at the school. That means the child who studies in Nursery also not exposed to the black board. And in modern schools the black board color changed to green board for the reason better known to the school managements.
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    The picture of the black board in my class in my school time is still clear in my mind and I remember that we used to see the teachers explaining and teaching things to us on it. Our focus was on the blackboard only and we used to note certain points on our copybooks for references that would help us to do the homework in a better way. Blackboard was an integral part of our school education system and in each class it was the duty of the students or the monitor to clean it after every class and make ready it for the next teacher. We had continuously learning through the blackboard only and it has a special nostalgic place in our hearts.
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    The core message of the thread is summarised in the statement below:
    "Don't judge the book by its cover is an apt say for the blackboards."

    If we delve deep incertain hints given in the thread they have great philosophy hidden in them, In what way we come to others use is the main matter. The thread explains that a blackboard though appearing dark makes "A white dot on a blackboard ......... noticeable to all"

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    People always look into bad deeds or find fault but those remarks has to be considered for the improvement of ourselves. As the life teaches different things to different people similar to blackboard. Sharing our thoughts is the only way to get a clear picture and lead us to the real walks of life.
    It is true that we cannot judge the blackboard by its look as so many great personalities walk through our life who use back board as a medium and we hardly remember a few. Those who have found the good and those who traced our bad deeds other all personalities just flow in the ocean just like the dry leaves. The only personalities who remain as evergreen as visible in the tress, teach us the real essence of life.

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    Thanks for all the appreciation and Thank you for reading the thread...
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