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    Gym vs Yoga which will you prefer?

    The gym is the modern trend for the youth to make the muscles strong and make you confident with flat belly whereas Yoga will help you to relax the body. Many celebrities prefer Gym than Yoga because they need a well-shaped body. If you want to shape your body and interested in building muscles, biceps, abs, chest e.t.c you go for gym. Yoga is just like a meditation where you want to have a relaxed mind. As one of my colleagues who is going to Yoga classes from the last 7 months is so, and I have seen no change in his body as he looks so bulky and even his weight does n't get reduced. I suggested to him to go to the Gym for body fitness. He said he will think of it. Because after doing Gym it will give him great pain and a proper diet needed to escape that as he joins in Yoga.
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    Yoga makes your mind also free and you will not have any anxieties and tensions in your life. You will learn to face any type of situations in your life without worrying. It may help or may not help in your weight control or bodybuilding. If our mind is free of anxieties and tensions we will be more relaxed and we can solve the problems in a much better way. Yoga helps you in this accept. It will keep you more disciplined and it will be made to be a tolerating person, that way yoga is better than Gym.
    To have better physical fitness and to reduce the already acquired body, I think Gym is the best place. By going to the Gym and perform there, we can keep our weight and shape can be kept under control.

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    Yoga can be practiced by everyone from a child to an old aged person based on their physical traits. We can easily learn yoga and practice it over a period of time. The expenses for learning is also limited. It gives a relaxed body and mind. Our brain cells improve the circulation of blood which also helps our body to rejuvenate.
    We have to spend money to be a member in a gym and follow a diet pattern which will be different from our regular lifestyle. If we are not practicing or if we give a gap of a few days, we suffer from body aches. Only the body will take the shape, it will not have any impact on mind.
    Yoga is better than gym. Mental fitness will over take the physical fitness through yoga.

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    Yoga is the ancient form of going into transcendental stage which can also be called as modern way of keeping the health and mind in good shape. Whereas Gym is the modern way of keeping the health in good shape and one has to go to that place and learn the techniques of shaping the body. That means every person is exposed to the activity which others also notice. Whereas the Yoga can be done at home, with self participation and no need to have any instructor or the guide. And some Asanas are very good for general health and which will not create side effects even the Yogic exercises discontinued. Whereas those who are going to Gym and having a particular exercise has to continue the same for some months, otherwise the desired results would not be seen and moreover side effects are ensured.
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    Yoga and gym both having their own merit and demerit. You can't compare with one another. It is difficult to say that this one is good and that one is bad. It completely depends on body that what is need to your body. I am having experience of both yoga and gym. It is true that yoga can be practised by every age group. But gym can be done only by young generation. As far as body fitness is concerned , we can reduce our weight as well as maintain body shape by doing gym whereas our body and mind becomes relax by practising yoga. In other words, yoga is just like a meditation. It gives inner peace and may not be guaranteed that body weight will lose or not.But gym is done mainly for physical fitness purpose . It has no connection with mind. Gym is more expensive than yoga because you have to follow diet plan but in yoga there is no diet plan.

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    Doing yoga or going to gym, invariably, such activities are liked by the people who don't sweat the body by physical work. You might never have seen or heard of a farmer who gets up at dawn and works in his vast open field till dusk or a labour whose body sweats in sunny day while hammering the stones into pieces in road construction work, neither they think of yoga or gym nor they require it to keep themselves fit. They know what is the taste of simple food after working in sun and they enjoy the sound sleep after being tired of work.

    I like to do standard exercises at home instead. I tell you what I enjoy the most is that if I've the company of the like-minded people who like to walk on foot, I prefer to walk with them and cover the distance of 15-20 k.m. or more while talking each other, passing by the river or lake or hill or desert or fields or orchard- watching natural beauty by a close distance is always an amazing experience.

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    It is an interesting I observed: that two forum threads on the same subject 'Gyms' were posted one after another with adjacent thread numbers.
    Gyms focus on physical exertion by using muscles and sweating to use the extra energy available due to consuming more food and less physical work. They have developed specific workouts to focus on specific muscles.
    Yoga focuses on the flexibility and easy stretch ability of the joints mainly. This helps to help strengthen the nerves and nerve centres and also the inner organs and inner muscles. Yoga prevents fat and flab formation. It does not focus on sweating.
    Yoga ultimately aims to awaken and straighten the spiritual power route or Kundalini so that humans get the 'inward sight' which our ancient Rishis gained after doing Yoga and Tapas or severe meditation.
    I am not a fashion or physical freak and hence do not go to gyms. Some stretching actions I do for comfort and remove laziness or ennui are similar to certain yoga postures . That is all about my interest and involvement in Yoga.

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    Both are different and hence depends on the person. While practising yoga will not make you a bodybuilder it will help to reduce stress. This is applicable to any form of physical exercise. In yoga, there are many postures that can help to keep the body in shape and by practising those postures the body weight can also be kept under control. The focus of the people going to the gym is to maintain the shape of the body with the help of machines and some weights so it naturally costs more. While the gym is more focused on the body, yoga is for both the body and the mind. In yoga, controlling the breath with the movement of the body helps to reduce stress and keep the mind calm. In cases of excessive body weight, it is advisable to go to the gym rather than practising Yoga. People wish to look good and fashionable and that's why find the gym more attractive since there you can work on that particular part of your body or muscle that you want to build. Before joining the Yoga class or the Gym it is better to analyze your requirement. If it's to keep the body fit without the help of any equipment then one can choose yoga otherwise to build the muscles and body one has to go to a gym.

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    Many people prefer gym over Yoga as gym exercises are the real workout and until one sweats, one does not get the benefit of exercise. Yoga is basically for toning of the body and mind through concentration and good thoughts. If one can give time to both it would be a good combination.
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