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    Blackboard to Backlit board-race or racial

    A simple room becomes a classroom by the presence of a Blackboard and chalk piece.
    There are many symbols around us. Creative artists and authors use various symbols in their works. For this TOW creative thread I also started imagining symbolism in a blackboard. Blackboard appeared to some students as symbol of the 'tyranny' of their maths teacher. For others it was a symbol of the kindness and guidance of their favourite teachers.

    My imagination sees a great symbolism in the changing of old classrooms with black boards to ones with Whiteboards - the symbolism for reversal of racial discrimination.

    White chalk writing and scarring on a mute black board stands for persecution of the blacks by the Whites. The rebel mind of the persecuted (in my imagination) then rebelled and broke all the blackboards. In that place they installed white boards and started writing on them with thick black marker pens. That stood for the symbolism that now Blacks are taking revenge and tearing into the Whites. They innovated and brought the white backlit boards.

    However, now we are using LCD/LED digital boards which are not racial but result in race of innovation and application.

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    A good and different thought process, comparing blacks with blacks and whites with whites. Racial discrimination is just one but we have much other discrimination that is attached to it but the comparison of black and white with the blackboard and white chalk is absolutely fabulous. A similar story was written by one of my friends for our church souvenir r where he had used the chess game. The battle between the whites and blacks pieces was compared with racial discrimination and the fight of the blacks with the whites. Your imagination and the concept are sterling.
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    A very appreciable comparison bringing in the racial discrimination of the blacks and whites where in Nelson Mandela the key leader who was the president of South Africa, fought for the cause comes to my memory as I read through the thread.
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    It's a unique post. The imagination of yours is appreciable. I think nobody has ever thought of such kind of discrimination in the world of non-living things. Good luck!

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    This is an interesting write up. The changeover from blackboard to white board. I remember when we were going to school the chalk dust used to be a big nuisance as it fell down to floor from the blackboard and the floor was always remaining dirty due to it. Many teachers had problems with the chalk dust also. The blackboard technology remained in practice for a long time and still it is being widely used in schools and colleges. With technological advancements we have now white boards where there is no problem of chalk dust and one can write with a black or coloured writing pen and wipe it with a duster. The author has nicely attributed this change to the racial discrimination present in society due to colour of skin.
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    Black board to back lit board is the indication of progress as the back lit information would be visible to anyone in the far end of the class where as on black boards written with chalk piece, the glare from either side of the widows in class would prevent the clarity of the writing. There is not racism in this regard. But the author has brought a nice awareness through this tow topic thread. Nevertheless so many inventions are made and slowly the black boards would be replaced with other colors. But those who learned through the black board would never forget their writing in their life.
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