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    What you sow is what you reap

    Expectations hurt us more often in our life. Unexpected moments surprise us in our life. We desire many things but actually, we don't work that much towards the aspired things. Dreams do come true only if we put effort. A car runs on fuel. The fuel drives and propagates the vehicle to a limit depending upon the quantity and quality of the fuel.
    Student's who come first do study really hard and face peer pressure. Student's who fail devote less time towards study. Consequences are determined by the contribution. If we plant a rose stem in soil, it will grow and flourish into a rose plant. It won't grow into any other plant to be reaped. Utilisation of time judiciously is utmost important and discipline is the mother of successful life.
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    You have a lot of good thoughts and ideas. This thread itself has many good points and background ideas which can be develop into different threads.
    It is true that dreams are not just enough. Dreams will remain as fancy dreams untill focused efforts are exercised. One's actions only will reflect as results and rewards. So one should always cultivate good habits and practices and put concentrate efforts to realise dreams and goals.

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    True, What we sow is what you reap. But the quality and the quantity will depend on the quality of the earth where you sow. Based on the variety of land the number of flowers and the quality of the flowers depends. What I want to say is your hard work will give a better result. No doubt. But what is the sharpness of the mind? Some people will be able to understand the subject very well. Some people will be taking more time to understand the same. But hard work can overtake intelligence. But enormous efforts are required for the same. So always hard work is a must for better results.
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    Yes, results depend a lot on the actions we take. To complete anything there is a process. The sequence of the steps may vary according to the situation but we need to adhere to the process. There is a process to cook a particular dish. For example, if you keep it for more time on the oven it will taste different. If the quantity of water is more, then also the taste will vary. If you are not in any experiment and focusing on a particular thing, you need to adhere to the process and then only you will get the desired results. While the definition of success and the way to achieve it may vary from person to person, one thing for sure that is there is no easy way to success. You need to work unless you achieve the target.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    In our lives we do some hard work and then we are sometimes awarded for it. Only thing is sometimes the award might not be commensurate with our efforts. We might feel it and start complaining. This is natural human tendency. The fact of the matter is that such episodes give us some new learning and we start to understand the value of everything in our lives. When we analyse that where we failed in our presumption - What you sow is what you reap - then many times we find that fault was with us and not with the system or destiny. So, it is required to work hard and keep pace with the positive activities.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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