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    Black board is symbol for readiness to learn

    Generally, a teacher goes to school to teach lessons to students. It is common to be known by everyone. But, here is a philosophical thought involved when the teacher entered the classroom. Before putting a piece of chalk on the blackboard, the teacher has written something on the blackboards of each student with his gestures and activities. That means before starting a lesson to students, the teacher gives some motivational points which already known by the students. To trigger such points, the teacher writes that triggering points on the blackboards of students. Here one thing to understand. Each and every student's brain is a blackboard. Actually, it is not blackboard because whenever a trigger is activated on the brain, the student recollects it from his daily experiences in his house or society. After completion of this activity, then the only the teacher uses blackboard to enter into the world of a new lesson.

    As elders, our minds are also blackboards because we are suffering from six enemies internally. Our effort could not be more to defeat them. To prevent and fight against those enemies, Guru is necessary to trigger self-knowledge bestowed on us.
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    A good thought from the writer when he mentions that Each and every student's brain is a blackboard for a teacher which is used to write that triggers every student to enter into the world of a new lesson. It activates as and when required and that is what is required to take the correct step, decision and know the difference between the good and bad, the right and wrong, the true and false, etc. Though the blackboard is not seen by others, the teacher very well understands it and provides some motivational points with their gestures and activities that will the student to recollect and use it as and when required.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    Before the class starts the blackboard is clean and nothing is written on that. The teachers while teaching writes on that in the process of teaching. But in that process, he is trying to see that the brains of the students who are ready to absorb anything he tells and he tries to fill that with the good stuff. This is the point which the author tried to drive. The point should be driven in such a way that it will be struck the mind of the student and he will get it absorbed.
    A good thought by the author and it is really a good point where the role of the teacher is very well explained. Good. I wish all the best to the author.

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    Any subject or job techniques learnt by us over the years were from a person, called Guru. He is in the form of a mother, father, friend, brother, sister, a teacher, an officer, a boss or a colleague. There are many people who take this role for sometime in our lives which may or may not be noted by us.

    He is the key person to enlighten us from darkness towards light, without his presence we will be stable and changes will never form and mold us a great personality as we are today.

    The concepts taught by a teacher in the form of stories reach us quickly through just a few key words on the black board. The techniques used in connecting these keywords build students as great citizens of tomorrow.

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